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**Trident Digital is looking for ONE Full-Time Business Developer to Add to Our Team!**
• *Duration: Full-Time Position**

Since business development is known to be one of the key positions in the company your position will play an important role in the team’s success.

You'll get to attend world-class business, marketing and personal development programs for FREE and rub elbows with elite professionals in the Financial Services and Real Estate Industry.

You’ll be working with a cross-functional team of Singaporean and international team members and be ready for explosive growth!

The work we do here at Trident Digital is much bigger and beyond us.

We provide an ESSENTIAL service to the economy.

Through our work, many Financial Services and Real Estate Professionals survive and thrive in this economy.

Through the work we do, these advisors can continue to provide a living for themselves who in turn can... provide for their families and loved ones.

Also, these advisors we work with help to protect and impact the lives of their clients and YOU will be indirectly responsible for that.

If you want to join a company that serves beyond themselves - you'd be a good fit with us.

If you want to join a team that doesn't treat you like "just-another-staff", and to be treated like a precious member of an elite team - you'd be a good fit for us.
• *[GROWTH]**

Your personal development and professional skill sets are our utmost priority because we believe that the moment you stop growing is the moment you will start to stagnate.

That's why at Trident Digital, we do our best to create a positive and growth-oriented environment.

Every month we allocate a budget to every department so they can purchase personal or skill set development material. We also subscribe to additional tools and software to complement your workflow so that you will come up with higher quality output. And when you come up with higher quality output, you’ll feel good about yourselves.

This is why we do this because we believe in helping you improve daily, no matter how small the growth - being 1% better every day!

If you're keen to join an organisation that prioritises your growth - we are here for you!

Your primary roles include:

- Manage outreach for Trident Digital via Founder’s social media and Trident’s social media
- Create, plan, manage and execute branding strategy for Trident and its Founders
- Manage company’s website on a regular basis and give a monthly update to the supervisor. Ensure that KPIs such as CTRs are met
- Use website building apps to maintain website’s quality, mainly Squarespace
- Manage international outreach to attract overseas clients
- Manage Telegram broadcast channel. Plan exciting content and engaging activities to post in the channel.
- Managing and upgrading of the sales process in Trident Digital to ensure clients are being handheld
- Assisting the Founder in creating decks and proposals for clients
- Assisting and supporting the Founder during client calls or meetings

Before you apply, take this simple 4-steps test to find if this role is suitable for you or not.

1) Check out the work we do on our website and Instagram page

2) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself exploring and working with this elite team for at least the next 3 years?” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

3) Ask yourself, “Do I see myself working full-time; and extra hours not because I have to, but because I've lost track of time?” If the answer is no, don’t apply. ‍

4) Ask yourself, “Do I believe I’m great at what I do and I do it much better than most people?” If the answer is no, don’t apply.

If you are NOT excited to be directly responsible for growing Trident Digital and growing yourself as a person - don’t apply.

Spend the next 10 minutes filling up this form carefully.

Good luck, we’ll see you on the other side!
• *Requirements**:
- Possess an educational/ experiential background in business development
- Good written and oral communication skills in English
- Strong project management skills and ability to adhere to tight timelines
- Organised, meticulous and detail-oriented
- Open to constructive feedback and will take immediate actionable steps to improve their performance
- Ability to think outside the box
- And lastly, has a strong desire to improve and grow with the team!
• *Benefits**
- Paid Time Off
- Work From Home
- Training & Development
- Performance Bonus


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