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RelyOn Nutec is an e qual o pportunity e mployer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age or political opinion. Diversity is fundamental to our culture and we invite you to be part of this diversity... .

This position will be required to work in an offshore capacity teaching adult learnings. When not offshore the instructor will be required to teach on land in a classroom setting.

Purpose / Summary

An Instructor is someone charged with the duty of educating other people at a school or other designated place. This position will be required to work in an offshore capacity up to 75% of the time.

Key Responsibilities
• Possess an in-depth knowledge of the subject in order to be able to handle questions from the students.
• Generous with his/her advice and guidance to the students.
• Be able to identify students’ weaknesses and plan a strategy to assist them with it.
• Plan, prepare, and rehearse the assigned course material, and to function the audio-visual equipment and software in a competent manner.
• Function as a primary Instructor in courses where competences have been determined as adequate by the Operations Manager.
• Participate in Instructor orientation through course material review.
• Ensure that correct and clear standards of practice are communicated.
• Charged with the provision of continuous education, learning and reference review.
• Be impartial and promote equal opportunities amongst the students
• Be able to pass the passion for the subject onto the students in an interesting, clear and concise manner.
• Be a good example of safe work practices.
• Should promote and instigate easy communication amongst the students.
• She/he must not give false or inaccurate advice; it must be constructive and accurate.
• Be able to disseminate information in a correct way at lesson delivery. Should also be able to get students actively involved in the class by asking open-ended questions.
• Possess the ability to give the students an environment to learn on their own by instilling “the need to know”.
• Be inspiring, patient and must not speak “above the heads” of the students, meaning that an Instructor should have the ability to modify communication style to capture the majority of students, if not all, so they comprehend the information as much as possible.
• Be prompt and dependable in accordance with scheduled obligations.
• To ensure that the company reputation and quality is maintained at all times
• Instructors may be designated with maintenance and support functions required by certain accrediting bodies:
• OPITO Support Roles
• METS hoist operator

ii.Fire Fighting and Self Rescue Assistant

iii.Sea Survival Assistant

iv. TEMPSC Assistant

Key Competencies

• High school diploma or GED.
• 1-3 years substantial experience in the category of courses Falck offers.
• Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations when only a limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or scheduled form.
• Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. They must also have the ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of Falck Safety Services.
• Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent as well as to draw and interpret graphs.
• Ability to stand, walk, sit, talk, hear, smell, and see is required to fulfill their day to day duties and responsibilities.
• Instructor Personnel must have the physical capability of lifting up to 50lbs. periodically, utilizing safe lifting practices.
• Instructor Personnel will be exposed to both indoor and out door working environments.
• There are times that they will be exposed to wet/humid conditions, warm and cold weather as dictated by the time of year and needs of the courses and responsibilities that are required within the natural scope of our training courses.
• There is a need to work near or in moving mechanical equipment from time to time, possible exposure to airborne particles, and working around electrical equipment as needed in order to fulfill Falck Safety Services training obligations to our customers. Any interaction with any of the above situations are to be engaged with following all safety precautions and appropriate PPE at all times!
• The use or operation of any equipment is only to be done once properly trained and documented showing competence of all safety regulations, requirements and manufacturers guidelines when appropriate. Further more Instructors are to ensure the same for all customers who may work with, in, or around such equipment or environments.
• At times, some training exercises or equipment may exceed safe noise levels. Hearing protection is required to be worn in the event of unsafe noise level exposure
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