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At **Beyond**, we partner with people who want to design a better future.

We are a design and technology company.

We design and build products, platforms, and programs for the world's most ambitious brands; including Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Netflix, and Diageo.

We are a diverse group of designers, strategists, engineers, and wordsmiths who make things that people love to use.
• *Role Overview**
• Beyond is looking for a versatile **Generative AI Engineer** to join our team in Europe. This individual will work within a team of Machine Learning, Data, and MLOps Engineers and will be **responsible for the design and development of Machine Learning models, with a strong focus on generative AI and LLM-based agents.**
• Working under the guidance of the Lead AI Engineer, **this role is primarily hands-on.**
• *As a Generative AI Engineer at Beyond, you will focus on the following areas:**
• **LLMs**: able to identify, assess, and utilize proprietary and open-source LLMs
• **LLM... optimisation techniques:** experience in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Fine-tuning techniques
• **LLM prompt engineering:** knowledgeable of techniques to query LLMs in the most optimal way
• **LLM Solution Architecture:** creating solutions using the most appropriate architecture (e.g. RAG based, Mixture of Experts, etc)
• **LLM cost optimization:** ability to maximize resource utilization while optimizing cost
• *As a Generative AI Engineer, we’d look for you to be able to bring:**
• **Experience:** Minimum of 3 years in artificial intelligence-related positions, with some good exposure to use cases that leveraged Large Language Models
• **Communication Skills**: High proficiency in English (both written and oral).
• **Education:** A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related AI field. A Masters or Ph.D. is highly desirable.
• **Problem-Solving Skills:** Strong capability in identifying issues and formulating effective solutions.
• **Certifications:** Google Cloud or AWS ML-related certifications are highly desirable
• *As an accomplished AI professional, you would have had significant exposure to the following technologies:**
• **Machine Learning:** Google Vertex AI, TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, etc
• **Generative AI:**
+ **Frameworks**
- **LangChain**

+ **LLMs:**
- Google: Gemini, PaLM2, Imagen
- OpenAI: GPT4, GPT3.5
- Anthropic: Claude
- Hugging face open source models
• **Cloud Computing:** Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure
• **Data:**
+ **Analytics:**
- R
- MatLab
- Jupyter
- Pandas

+ **BigData:**
- GCP BigQuery, Snowflake, Hadoop, DataFlow
• **Ops:**
+ Google Cloud’s MLOps
+ LLMOps

Having been named among Sunday Times Best 100 Companies, we believe culture plays a large role in what we offer as an organization. We actively promote diversity in all its forms across our Studios and we proudly, passionately, and proactively strive to create a culture of inclusivity and openness for all our employees.

Beyond is committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of gender identity, orientation or expression. Our mission is to remove exclusivity and barriers and encourage new thinking and perceptions, in a space of belonging. It is not about race, gender or age, it is about people. And without our people being their most creative and innovative selves, we are nothing


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