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1.Develop and define project goals, scope, and deliverables in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders to support project objectives.

2.Create comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients and other staff members.

3.Lead and coordinate project staff and resources to ensure project milestones are met and quality standards are upheld.

4.Coordinate staff and internal resources.

5.Manage project progress and adapt work as required.

6. Received adequate safety and health training (Min. with BCSS or CSCPM certificate) as to ensure that the work which the person oversees or supervises can be carried out safely.

7. Enforce on the compliance of legal requirements and the PEHSP by all sub-contractors under their control.

8. Perform daily EHS precautions checks as stipulated in the 2007 regulations.

9. Assist in investigating and reporting on accidents and dangerous occurrences and take prompt remedial action as recommended.

10. Ensure that workers who are trained... for and capable of carrying out their duties correctly and safely

11. Ensure that new or transferred worker was not deployed to undertake any tasks without undergoing safety induction training or appropriate instruction.

12. Ensure that workers are not to deploy for working at height unless they had attended the In-house Working at Height training.

13. Ensure that the necessary protective clothing and safety equipment are readily available and that contractors provide workers with the necessary personal protective equipment.

14. Attend all safety committee meetings and any other meetings required for the purpose of accident prevention; conduct daily toolbox meetings.

15. Set the example for all workers to follow at all times.

16. Serve strictly to the safety advises of the TC Safety Officers/Coordinators/Supervisors.

17. Check and ensure that all necessary machinery, tools and equipment are safe to use.

18. Ensure that all sub-contractors provide and maintain safe access in all places of work.

19. Acquaint workers on the hazards and safety requirements of the job and ensure that they observe all safety operating procedures as instructed.

20. To provide safety oversight over the subcontractors under their direct in charge.

21. To cease any unsafe act or environment and make it safe before any work activities commence again.

22. Ensure that the provisions of the Workplace Safety & Health Act and its subsidiary Legislations, LTA, SCDF and any regulations made hereunder are complied with.

Requirements :

1. Bachelor's in Engineering

2. Certificate in Pavement Construction and Maintenance (CPCM)

3. Certified Pavement Supervisor

4. Class 3 driving license

5. Minimum 6 years work experience

6. Experience in working PUB Sewer Project


Apply - Construction Site Manager Singapore