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We - the Mediapark Team - design and build web-based solutions and mobile apps.

Our teams are located in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, Denmark, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Cambodia.

Mediapark was established in 2010 together with its sister - the Civitta international consulting company - and currently, it represents the Digital stream of Civitta.

Both companies are employee-owned and together employ 700+ people in 20 different countries. Most of our work is delivered to clients outside of our home markets, in Western Europe, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East.

At the moment, at Mediapark together with the Singleton company, we are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join us in Estonia!

You will:
• Implement and manage infrastructure automation using tools like Terraform or CloudFormation;
• Define and maintain configuration for servers, databases, and other infrastructure components;
• Set up and maintain CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment;
•... Facilitate a smooth and efficient release process for software updates;
• Implement monitoring solutions to track the health and performance of applications and infrastructure;
• Set up centralized logging to gather and analyze logs for troubleshooting and improvement;
• Collaborate with security teams to ensure a secure development and deployment environment;
• Implement security best practices in infrastructure and code;
• Integrate automated testing into the CI/CD pipeline to catch issues early;
• Collaborate with QA teams to optimize test processes;
• Work closely with software development teams to understand their needs and provide tools and processes that enhance productivity;
• Assist in optimizing code for performance and scalability;
• Monitor resource usage and plan for scalability as the application grows, optimize resource allocation for cost-effectiveness;
• Develop and maintain incident response plans, participate in on-call rotations and respond to incidents promptly;
• Maintain comprehensive documentation for infrastructure, processes, and configurations.
• Ensure that knowledge is shared and accessible across the team;
• Train development teams on DevOps best practices;
• Provide ongoing support and troubleshoot infrastructure-related issues;
• Stay informed about the latest DevOps tools and technologies;
• Evaluate and recommend tools that can improve the development and deployment process;
• Collaborate with development teams to identify and optimize performance bottlenecks;
• Implement caching, load balancing, and other performance-enhancing strategies;
• Monitor, control cloud resource costs and optimize infrastructure for cost-effectiveness;
• Most of all create a standard and best practices in the company for all of the above.

• Comprehensive background in OS administration such as Linux and Windows;
• Strong experience with a range of automation and configuration management tools;
• Such as traditional scripts, as well as more specific tools such as Puppet and Chef;
• A clear understanding of coding and scripting with common languages, such as PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby;
• Knowledge of at least one major coding language, such as C++ or Java;
• The ability to identify, assess and integrate various open-source technologies and cloud services;
• A strong IT hardware and operations background with hands-on expertise in servers, storage and network device installation, provisioning and monitoring;
• Supportive and collaborative management abilities in a team environment, as well as proven customer-facing management skills;
• Strong knowledge of virtualization technologies, such as VMware vSphere for VMs, as well as expertise with container technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes;
• Proven experience with CI/CD tools, such as Microsoft GitHub, Atlassian Jira and Confluence, Red Hat Ansible, Prometheus and Jenkins;
• Detailed, hands-on experience with public cloud resources and services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud;
• Experience with a diverse range of IT monitoring and management tools, such as Cloudflare and Datadog;
• Knowledge on how to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues in test and production environments;
• Fluency in English and Estonian languages;
• The person taking this position needs to be a team player, have a great sense of humor and an overwhelming wish to make things make sense.

• Flexible working hours in accordance with project terms;
• Remote work is fully available for all positions;
• Training programs and experience-sharing sessions;
• Offsite team trips: skiing in Italy, hiking in the Moroccan desert, tanning in Cyprus;
• Standardized employee evaluations and salary reviews two times per year;
• Supportive team behind and around you;
• Solid salary based on your experience and impact, plus a decent bonus package (health-care, company events, weekly surprises, merch etc.);
• You will be given the best tools to do what you do;
• You will be surrounded by sarcastic humor, friends to disagree with and enjoy regular cool team events;
• You will be rewarded with more power, freedom along the way when willing to accept bigger challenges
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