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• Market Overview:
• Research and compile data on the global lentil market and Nepal's Market
• Analyze historical trends in lentil consumption and production in Nepal
• Identify key districts/Provinces contributing significantly to lentil production and consumption.
• Supply Chain Analysis:
• Trace the lentil supply chain from production to distribution and retail.
• Identify major players in each stage of the supply chain in Nepal
• Analyze the impact of transportation, storage, and processing on lentil quality.
• Import and Export trends
• Competitor Analysis:
• Identify and profile major players in the lentil industry, including both producers and processors.
• Analyze their market share, distribution channels, and key product offerings.
• Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors.
• Consumer Preferences and Demographics:
• Conduct surveys or interviews to understand consumer preferences regarding lentils.
• Analyze the demographics of lentil consumers, including... age, income, and, geographical location.
• Identify emerging consumer trends related to lentil consumption.
• Market Trends and Innovations:
• Research and report on current trends in lentil products, such as new varieties, processing techniques, and packaging innovations.
• Identify any emerging technologies impacting the lentil market.
• Regulatory and Environmental Factors:
• Investigate and summarize relevant regulations affecting the lentil industry.
• Assess the environmental impact of lentil production and processing
• Identify any upcoming changes in regulations that may affect the market
• Price Analysis:
• Analyze historical and current pricing trends for lentils.
• Identify factors influencing price fluctuations.
• Provide insights into potential future price movements
• SWOT Analysis:
• Conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for the lentil market.
• Summarize key findings and insights derived from the analysis.
• Recommendations:
• Based on the findings, provide recommendations for businesses looking to enter or expand in the lentil market.
• Highlight potential areas for innovation and growth.
• 10. Branding and Promotion:
• Branding and Marketing strategies
• Packaging Materials

11. Deliverables:
• A comprehensive report summarizing the findings of each task
• Visual representations (charts, graphs, etc.) to support key points

Minimum Criteria:
• Minimum bachelors in management, agriculture or relevant field.
• Locals will be prioritized for the position

Stations to assign Interns
• Lalitpur


Interns will be required to provide regular updates on their progress and present their findings to the existing Food Technologist of the company.
• Should have 2-wheeler and its valid licensed.

• Rs. 10,000 per month
Kathmandu Nepal


Apply - Market Research Intern Kathmandu