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About Allkin

Founded in 1978 as Singapore's first family service centre, Allkin Singapore (formerly known as AMKFSC Community Services) is a leading community-driven social service agency that believes everyone has the potential to create positive change, regardless of age, race, or background.

Through our service offerings, strategic partnerships, and community initiatives, we unlock opportunities for vulnerable individuals and families to overcome life's challenges, pursue a brighter future, and inspire others to do the same. Today, Allkin uplifts and journeys with diverse communities such as children, youths, families, and seniors at close to 40 touchpoints across Singapore.

Senior Social Worker (FSC)

The Senior Social Worker is an experienced professional in the field of social work. In addition to performing the key tasks required of a social worker, he/she should be:
• Qualified to provide supervision within the company.
• Able to perform community development work and... harness resources with stakeholders, develop interventions and programmes within the company.

Key Responsibilities & Duties include:

Casework Engagement & Assessment
• Develop professional and engaged relationship with clients and other key service stakeholders (e.g. doctors, nurses, counsellors, Family Service Centres (FSCs), Homes, etc.)
• Conduct needs assessment and risk assessment for complex cases by taking into account the integration of a range of information independently.
• Supervise and approve case assessment and outcome plans, and case closure via SSNet.
• Provide consultations for assessment of cases with risk issues.

Casework Case Review & Documentations
• Prepare social reports and ensure documentations are in place.
• Acquire competencies as defined within the Code of Social Work Practice (applicable for FSC social workers only).
• Manage cases via SSNet.
• Support or co-lead review of complex and/or risk cases in the company.

Casework Goal Setting & Intervention Plans
• Work closely with multi-disciplinary team and/ or agencies to deliver care/ case plans.
• Lead case conferences as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
• Supervise subordinates in the follow through of intervention plans, especially for complex and/or risk cases.

Group Work
• Lead therapeutic group work for targeted groups, i.e. support group, therapy group, task group (e.g. group work for victims of child abuse cases).
• Formulate and outline outreach programmes for individuals and/ or targeted groups, based on outreach strategies.
• Lead psychoeducational and/or support groups provided by the company.
• Review and guide outreach programmes for individuals and/ or targeted groups, based on outreach strategies.
• Provide supervision of group work planning and facilitation through modelling, observations and debrief etc.
• Evaluate efficacy of group work through client feedback form, pre/post tests etc.
• Review group work reports and evaluations

Community Work
• Strategise and lead environmental scanning and assessment of community needs.
• Initiate, design, develop and implement new community development initiatives by mobilising community resources, other social service providers and volunteers.
• Organise and evaluate community development programmes, taking into account the broader perspectives.
• Provide supervision of community work through modelling, observations and debrief etc

Professional Development & Education
• Seek out continuous learning opportunities such as participating in case review meetings, cross-functional or Ministry-level assignments, practice research and development to further develop skills and capabilities.
• Share new practice knowledge with others to encourage a culture of learning and continuous improvements.
• Supervise and guide Social Worker I and II in their work (e.g. casework, group work, community development, etc.)
• Monitor the application of principles and protocols as guided by professional Code of Ethics and identify and respond to ethical concerns in practice.
• Plan and conduct/ provide guidance for the development of education and training programmes in the area of practice.
• Conduct skill-based education and trainings for fresh/ junior social workers and other related professions.

Programme Development & Implementation
• Advocate for and lead the development of specific programmes targeted at service gaps and service delivery issues.
• Design programme and conduct outcome-based evaluation to ensure that programmes are able to support the needs of gaps identified/ key clients.
• Manage and oversee the end-to-end development and delivery of programmes.

Professional Leadership
• Guide the delivery of social services by team to ensure adherence to Code of Ethics, Standard of Practice, governance and agenda at system level.

• Identify gaps and trends in research and/ or practice that deserves systematic studies.
• Design and conduct research under guidance.

• Support development of clinical competencies through consultation with HODs.
• Manage critical incidents with relevant staff and personnel.
• Lead company projects or report submissions, as assigned by Supervisor.
• Provide field supervision for social work/ counselling students on placement.
• Mentor new fieldwork supervisors and/or clinical supervisors.
• Carry out any other duties as assigned by HOD / Supervisor.

• Bachelor / Postgraduate Diploma / Master in Social Work.
• Post Graduate qualifications in Social Work/Clinical Supervision.
• Post Graduate qualifications in Specialised field of practice (for e.g. trauma informed practice, motivational interviewing, etc).
• Registered Social Worker preferred.
• At least 6 years experience in relevant field of social work practice, especially casework and counselling, group work and community work.
• Proficient in oral and written communication, especially English.
• Good interpersonal and teamwork skills.
• Demonstrate sound and updated professional knowledge and skills in social work.
• Strong Clinical and supervision skills.
• Good analytical skills.
• Effective leadership skills


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