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Arista Networks was founded to pioneer and deliver software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center storage and computing environments. Arista’s award-winning platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10M to 400G bits per second, redefine scalability, agility and resilience. Arista has shipped more than 10 million cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and EOS, an advanced network operating system.

Find out from our engineers what your day will look like:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEgQpj-3FrU - Overview


https://youtu.be/HOIcFMJPWvA - Seamus

https://youtu.be/rvSFOlTVkDM - Peter

https://youtu.be/1Gvef0dYz-Y - Gabor

Job Description

Arista leverages modeling languages to describe complex network and device state. Restartable micro services operate on the state transitions to control the behaviour of the network device, for everything from switching on the front panel LEDs to programming routes into the... ASIC. The microservices are completely unaware of each other and operate purely by reading and writing model state into NetDB.

You will get to work on problems like:
• How do I integrate Arista’s EOS models with other modeling languages like YANG?
• Can I run a static type analyzer to identify types that contribute to memory bloat or types that are no longer in use?
• What is an effective model versioning approach that provides sufficient safety checks without being too restrictive?
• What web code exploration tools or editor plugins would make EOS developers’ life easier?
• What patterns should we recommend to EOS developers for handling common use cases, and what new patterns do we need to incorporate into our tools?

• BS Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering + 5 years experience, or MS Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering + 3 years experience, or Ph.D. in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
• Experience with compilers, parsers, and modeling languages such as YANG
• Expert knowledge of C or C++ and Python


Apply - Software Engineer Hungary