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Strategic Objectives of the Portfolio:

To support the effective operations of the Board in line with good corporate governance best practices.

Job Purpose:

· To provide the entire Board and individual directors with detailed guidance as to the nature and extent of their duties and responsibilities.

· Provide secretariat services to the Board of Directors and board committees, ensuring that members are properly advised on how their duties and responsibilities should be properly discharged in the best interest of JBM.

Key Outputs:

· Advice and guidance provided.

· Contracts are administered.

· Policies and procedures implemented.

· General insurance coverage in place.

· Annual reports, corporate plans and performance reviews prepared and submitted to relevant entities.

· Work plan for board operation developed.

· Arrangements in place for periodic and annual general meetings.

· Board decisions recorded and distributed; follow up actions monitored.

·... Board/committees/individual appraisals conducted.

· System for appointment and orientation of board members in place.

· Returns to Companies Office of Jamaica completed and submitted on time.

Key Responsibility Areas:

Corporate Secretariat

· Coordinate and attend meetings of the Board and its committees, accurately record minutes, produce and maintain minutes and ensure timely distribution to the members of the respective committees.

· Organize the preparation of Sub-Committee reports for Board meetings. Leads the development of a standard reporting format for all Board Committees.

· Coordinate the annual performance evaluation process for the Board of Directors and its committees.

· Manage the preparation of Board and committee notices and agendas.

· Relay promptly Board and committee decisions which require action by management and monitor response and planned dates for further reports to the Board and/or committee.

· Arrange all physical arrangements for meetings and address all housekeeping matters.

· Maintain appropriate meeting attendance records.

· Organize all Annual General Meetings (AGM).

· Maintains all of the Public Body’s governing records and ensures all legal filing requirements are met.

· Provides custodial services of the Public Body’s seal book and corporate seal and apply to documents as required.

· Prepare, organizes and maintains records of the Board and committee meetings.

· Ensures that the organization complies with required governing legislation.

· Prepares reports from the Board and work with the CEO to ensure timely publication

· Keeps up-to-date on relevant governance matters.

· Provides ongoing advice to directors.

· Coordinate orientation of new directors and the continual development of all directors.

· Monitor the Public Body’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, Board Charter and other terms of reference ensuring they are in line with corporate governance guidelines.

· Coordinate the payment of fees to directors and ensure proper payment records are maintained; ensure all payments made are in line with government requirements.

· Provide information to directors, including orientation of new directors; serve as primary contact for directors.

· Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, be conversant with all applicable current statutory requirements and provisions in relation to the company's activities and ensure compliance with them.

· Plan and organize annual general meetings in conjunction with Board of Directors and Head of Entity.

Corporate Governance

· Acts as a central source of guidance to the entire Board on all matters related to Corporate Governance, including orientation, sensitizing and professional development, effective operation of the Board Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Standards.

· Assists the chairperson in development the annual board work plan.

· Prepare and circulate board papers and coordinate the recording secretariat in the preparation and circulation of board and committee minutes.

· Assist the Chairperson to coordinate the evaluation of the Board, its committees and individual members.

· Spearhead the arrangement for annual appraisal of Board.

Authority (decisions the post holder has the power to make or recommend):

· Provide recommendations and advice to board members on areas of responsibilities.

Performance Standards:

· Coherent work plan, linked to the company’s objectives and budget, in place, to guide Board operation and decision of the Managing Director.

· Business of the company managed efficiently and effectively and in compliance with established laws, guidelines and procedures

· Comprehensive documentation and research on related issues as required by the Board and information provided in a timely manner;

· Performance targets of the organization as outlined in the Business/Corporate Plan are achieved within agreed timeframes.

· Performance reports prepared and submitted to relevant authorities within agreed time frames.

· Sound advice and guidance on corporate governance, regulatory and financial environment provided, in a timely manner, to allow for informed decision making.

· Accurate and complete minutes and reports on the deliberations/proceedings of the board readily available.

· Confidentiality, integrity and professionalism are displayed in the execution of all duties and in personal conduct.

Internal and External Contacts



Purpose of Communication

· Board Chairman,

· Managing Director

To receive directives, /guidance and provide guidance and advice
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