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Our client is a leading household appliance production company that is looking for a qualified candidate to join their firm: 2. Review, compliance, and training 3. Management work 4. Authority
• Legal work
• Fulfill functions and duties of the Legal Department as approved by the Board of Directors.
• Review documents, contracts, cooperation agreements, and investments carried out by the client with third parties involving significant budget utilization as approved by the Board of Directors.
• Carry out administrative procedures to apply for permits and licenses related to the business activities of the Corporation within the scope of the Legal Department.
• Perform financial investment tasks, investment cooperation, business production investment, and new project investment.
• Perform procedures to apply for land, lease land, and obtain land use rights certificates to serve the production/business activities of the corporation and its subsidiaries.
• Resolve issues... related to inspection and examination; handling complaints, accusations, and other litigation activities. Participating in the resolution of conflicts between the Company and third parties if any.
• Perform other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.
• Coordinate with relevant departments/offices to review procedures, internal regulations, and rules issued by the departments/offices.
• Participate in resolving issues related to labor policies, disciplinary measures for employees.
• Develope training programs and providing legal consultancy for departments.
• Manage and oversee the general operations of the Legal Department.
• Assign tasks, monitor, urge, remind, and evaluate the performance of employees within the scope of management.
• Guide and train employees within the management scope on expertise, professional skills, work methods, and job handling skills.
• Construct processes, regulations of the department, and accompanying forms.
• Establish an internal reporting system within the department to facilitate work.
• Entitled to assign tasks, inspect, urge, remind, and evaluate employees on their work results.
• Have the authority to eliminate subordinates from their department (after thorough evaluation). This means the Legal Manager does not have the authority to dismiss employees, but has the right to transfer them out of their department (returning personnel to the Human Resources Department).
• Evaluate employee KPIs monthly and periodically
• Be proactive in developing curriculum and tests to train and test employees
• Approve documents from the department that involve coordination with other departments or documents that are directive or decision-oriented (approved by the Board of Directors and other departments).
• Have the right to accept candidates when the interview is at the employee level
• Have the right to transfer employees to appropriate positions within the department
• Have the authority to propose policies and regulations of the department to the HR Department or the Board of Directors.

Requirements Education: Bachelor's Degree in Law

Experience: at least 3 years of experience in a similar position

• English communication
• Vietnamese Law and international practices
• Understanding of administrative procedures and public relations

• Proficient computer skills (Word, Excel, Power point, Internet, Outlook, internet...)
• Listening skills, ability to understand human psychology.
• Good communication, presentation and persuasion skills.
• Organization skills, and time management skills
• Logical thinking
• Management skills, Leadership skills, Strategic planning
• Flexible in problem solving to ensure efficiency

• Agile, flexible, straightforward, honest
• Calm, gentle, patient
• Decisive and self-controlled
• Have a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work
• Resistant to high pressure at work

Contact: Hieu Nguyen

Due to the immense number of applicants, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
Hanoi Vietnam


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