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Job Description

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This assignment focuses on all the four outcomes mentioned above and is targeting Laikipia, Isiolo and Samburu counties.
• Strengthen the capacities of grazing committees, associations, and producer organizations to effectively improve their climate resilience, adaptation and effective protection of their biodiversity and ecosystems by implementing sustainable rangeland management.
• Local communities, private/group ranches, private/community conservancies, and government officials working together, experimenting with putting holistic management principles into practice, learning, and building relationships.
• Established best practice learning sites amongst communities not excluding private ranches and conservancies across the three counties, resulting in covered soils, increased biomass and restored degraded lands.
• Integrate livestock and ecological management within the conservancies and... ranches for sustainable regeneration of the ecosystems.
• Planned grazing arrangements within the ranches and conservancies for both landscape restoration and increased biodiversity and livestock productivity.
• Enhance adoption of participatory approaches in landscape and grazing management by the county government, communities, and other stakeholders.

Scope of work

The consultants will work with the selected group/private ranches, community/private conservancies, and non-conservancy community councils i.e., dheeda councils in the rangelands of Laikipia, Isiolo and Samburu.

The specific activities will include but not limited to:
• Conduct capacity needs assessment of the identified grazing committees/associations and other key actors to implement holistic management.
• Development of grazing committees/associations training content, coaching and a clear methodology.
• Undertake an analysis of the existing policy and legal frameworks responsible for safeguarding an enabling environment for integrated landscape and grazing management systems.
• Review and synthesize the status of the County governments and community-based rangeland grazing arrangements and identify prevailing gaps and any best practices for benchmarking and upscaling.
• Review the grazing plans of the selected conservancies/ ranches for piloting and align the plans to integrated landscape management that regenerates ecosystem.
• Carry out a detailed ecological condition of pastures and existing vegetation, rangeland degradation types, rates, and levels, along with the current grazing system.
• Delivery of training and capacity building of grazing committees and producer associations
• In a participatory manner, support the communities to develop simple management plans for their grazing areas.
• Build the capacity of project staff and selected grazing champions on integrated landscape management.
• Organize and hold one workshop to train county extension staff, grazing committees/associations on participatory methods for assessing rangeland condition, production, and sustainability considering plant composition, soil fertility and ecosystem considerations.
• Offer strategic support to the identified ranches/conservancies on the implementation of the regenerative landscape management.
• Support in development of a grazing committees specific road map/action plan.
• Define and develop Participatory Ecological Monitoring of the landscape.

• Grazing plans reviewed and aligned to regenerative land management.
• Project staff and grazing champions capacity built, and training report developed.
• Develop as part of the grazing plans a map of the ranches and conservancies divided into zones with water points, grazing areas and road network.
• Strategic support offered to identified conservancies/ ranches on regenerative land management for improved livestock productivity.
• Report on regenerative landscape management in select three conservancies/ranches (one per county)
• Develop action plan for scaling up the conservancies/ranches in 5 above.


• Extensive work experience and proven track record in capacity development and training.
• Individuals with relevant university degree and relevant consultancy work experience in rangeland management and Climate smart agriculture related qualification and experience.
• Proven ability for teamwork, facilitation, presentation, and communication.
• Good understanding of and experience with the participatory approaches in landscape & grazing management in the context of pastoralist, herd mobility, resilience building, and sustainable utilization of natural resource.
• Experience working in Arid and semi-Arid areas in assignments related to livestock production and integrated Landscape Management.

Additional requirements
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent report writing and presentation skills.
• Show successful models previously done.
• Sensitive and committed to gender equity and inclusion of youth


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