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I am looking for a Database Administrator / Back-end Developer to complete the given below requirements:

1. The store is based on Magento 2.4.6-p3 with all necessary server requirements such as Nginx 1.22, MariaDb 10.6, Varnish cache 7.3, php 8.1, Composer 2.2, Elasticsearch 8.5, MySQL 10.6, RabbitMQ 3.11, Redis 7, etc.
2. The website is hosted on CCX53 on Hetzner Cloud: 32 CPU, 128 GB RAM (dedicated resources)

Here are the details of the products present in the database:
1. The store has 320 million products in 411 GB database. There are no product attributes, or variables. Just simple products.
2. There are no product images
3. Each product is a company information page i.e. the products are digital and it provides information on companies globally. I will share the sample product page link once you submit your proposal.

Magento Modules Installed and configured:
1. Amasty Elasticsearch: https://amasty.com/elasticsearch-for-magento-2.html
2. Amasty Google Speed... Optimiser Pro: https://amasty.com/google-page-speed-optimizer-for-magento-2.html
3. Amasty Varnish Full Page Cache Warmer: https://amasty.com/full-page-cache-warmer-for-magento-2.html

1. Import the product database of 411 GB database. I will provide the database in SQL format.
2. Optimise the Elasticsearch and page load
3. We expect 100 concurrent users anytime throughout the day
4. Elasticsearch should index all the products
5. Optimize website performance. Current score on Google page speed insight is 47 on mobile and 83 on Desktop.
6. Product search result should be less than 3 seconds
7. Suggest if the job requires server change
United Arab Emirates


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