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Ready to ignite passion in the world of advertising? AIG, the global insurance powerhouse, is seeking a seductive maestro to take the reins as our Marketing and Advertising Department Manager. Join forces with Assi and Albert, as you dive into the heart of our advertising universe, sculpting our brand into a tantalizing masterpiece.

As the orchestrator of our internal and external advertising endeavors, you’ll wield full control over our advertising budgets, steering them towards the streams of revenue that pulse with vitality. Picture yourself at the helm, guiding the ship of our brand through the tempest of public relations and launching us into the stratosphere of global recognition.

Crafting our marketing strategy will be your art, sculpting our product into a beacon of distinction that captivates hearts and minds. Your canvas will be the world, and your brush strokes will dance across cultures, navigating the nuances of local and global markets with finesse.

But wait, there’s... more! Your role isn’t just about creativity—it’s about leadership. You’ll foster relationships with advertising agencies and PR offices, ensuring that our message resonates with the world in perfect harmony.

So, what does it take to join this passionate pursuit? A minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role, or as a luminary in a top-tier advertising agency, is your ticket to the front row. You must possess the uncanny ability to read the map of our industry, coupled with a panoramic vision that spans the globe and beyond.

Are you ready to set the advertising world ablaze? If you’ve got the spark, we’ve got the flame. Join us at AIG, where the world is your canvas, and the possibilities are limitless
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