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■You will be entrusted with mechanical design work at a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard.

[Business content]

・Discussion of detailed specifications with the company's technical department and the customer

・Mechanical design of the company's products

・Attendance at delivery

◎Some work involves overseas business trips.

・Area: North America area, Europe, China, Korea, Indonesia

・Duration: Approximately 1 month per project (maximum 3 months) / 1-2 business trips per year

・Works at the Nara head office except during business trips.

・Business trips will be carried out in teams of approximately 5 to 20 people. *Business trip allowance available

[Attractiveness of the company]

The company's products boast industry-leading precision and employ a completely custom-made method to accurately reproduce customer requirements. While designing such products can be difficult, it is also a very rewarding job for me as an engineer.

・Listed on TSE Standard. In recent years... product demand has been rapidly increasing due to the growing need for electric vehicles, and sales are increasing steadily. The company's coating and chemical processing technologies are used in lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors, which are essential products in the manufacture of smartphones and electric vehicles. A few years ago, the company's technology was used in LCDs. In this way, the company's strategy is to find opportunities to use coating and chemical technology in the most cutting-edge products of each era and market them to them, and this strategy has been successful, with the company receiving a large number of orders. This is the situation. What's more, you will receive a regular salary increase every year, so you can feel secure about your future. In fact, the turnover rate for non-retirees is low and the company is loved by its employees
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Apply - [Nara] Mechanical design *121 days off per year