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We are Unlock Design, a recruitment agency based in Japan, and the job description below is an opportunity with one of our forward-thinking client companies. We aim to ensure a trustworthy and considerate experience for our candidates, emphasizing their privacy and long-term career goals. See our full promise and approach by visiting https://ud-intl.com/pledge/ . 【Basic Information】 Company ID: 118000 Job ID: 1207 Position: Mechanical Systems Engineer *Satellite System Development Department Location: Tsukuba Ibaraki, Japan Apply From: Overseas OK (relocate to Japan) Salary: ¥5M-¥8M Language: English + Business Japanese Contract type: Permanent Who we are We provide one-stop solutions, using geospatial data from our own SAR satellites in line with our mission to create a progressive world based on real data. We are building a constellation of our own small SAR satellites to provide data and analytic information to governments and commercial entities. We are the only company in the... world with the capabilities to both develop and operate its own satellites and provide analytics solutions. We offer subscription-based solutions and new solution development with collaborative prototyping: Infrastructure development Energy and natural resources development Disaster risk management We have already successfully launched two satellites, and are aiming to launch six satellites by 2023 and a constellation of 30 satellites around 2026. According to our calculations, if we can operate 30 small SAR satellites, we will be able to acquire and analyze local ground data within two hours of a disaster anywhere in the world, and provide information that will contribute to decision-making in disaster response. Even if an earthquake, flood or other disaster occurs during the nighttime and it is difficult for people to enter the area, we will be able to quickly observe and confirm the situation. Our CREDO: Synergy of Spirit: As part of our company, we embark on this journey together, bringing with us our combined experiences and life. As a team, we recognize that the teams goals are also personal goals, and personal goals are the teams goals. We each share a part of the responsibility to succeed. Synthesis of Knowledge: We try to create new value under conditions that have huge uncertainty and volatility. The only way for us to succeed is to progress through trial and error that we learn from and make changes based on our new knowledge. Synched with the Future: We have an obligation to create a sustainable future for the next generations. To do so, we must tackle tough challenges as pioneers, leaving our comfort zones that prevent our growth. Roles and Responsibility This role will be leading the mechanical design and project management for our R&D projects and next-generation satellites of the small SAR satellite constellation "StriX" series. You will be examining the design and the development plan, managing the projects including costs and schedules, and coordinating with internal teams, stakeholders, and suppliers, in order to meet the target performance of the next-generation satellite. Responsibilities ・Examination of the design to achieve the target performance of next-generation satellites ・Examination of the development plan ・Project management including cost and schedule ・Coordination and cooperation with each team in our satellite development department ・Coordination and reporting with stakeholders ・Coordination and negotiation with suppliers of mechanical parts ・Technical research, R&D of the core technologies, equipment, etc. Minimum Requirements Over 7 years of experience in mechanical design ・Experience in Project management or development management (regardless of the size of the project or development) ・At least Business level in the Japanese language ・At least Daily conversation level in the English language  Work Location: Tsukuba Space Center (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) Preferred Requirements Experience in designing and developing spacecraft and satellites ・Structural analysis experience ・Experience in thermal analysis ・Design and analysis experience using 3D CAD/CAE Conditions / Benefits Employment system: Permanent Location: Tsukuba Ibaraki, Japan Annual Salary: ¥5M-¥8M Based on experience and skills Probation: 3 months Benefits: Welfare: Commuting expenses Social insurance Health checkup (once a year) Free clothing Flex system - Remote work possible depending on the position Side job allowed Interview Process Application Screening 1st Interview 2nd Interview 3rd Interview Offer *Process is subject to change
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