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• The Instrumentation Mechanician will be responsible to perform allocated and specific tasks, given by Supervisor, that ensure the Availability and Operational efficiency of all the installed Field Instrumentation throughout the Smelter, and Specific Areas; in order to minimize / reduce Production Down Time and also ensuring that all Process Parameters are Effectively Functioning as per the Smelter Design and Operation.
• The Instrumentation Mechanician can be required to perform Shift Work, Standby, and Call-Outs, as per the required key responsibilities and other Tasks issued by either the Control & Instrumentation Superintendent, Senior Supervisor and the respective Supervisor.

Key Responsibilities
• This position will be required to adhere to all relevant Requirements, Policies, Procedures and Legal Regulations pertaining to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, , and any other Regulations as required by the Company and relevant to the level of the role... and Responsibilities of the Function.

• Instrumentation Maintenance of the Specific Allocated Instrumentation in his Area of Responsibility, including the following:
• Installations, Fault Finding and Replacement of Instrumentation Equipment in area of responsibility – ensuring that both Company and Vendor Safety and Quality standards are adhered to, whilst ensuring minimum disruption to the Process Plant Operation or Production.
• Perform Fault Analysis / Fault Finding / Root Cause Analysis in order to Eliminate Re-Occurrences of Repetitive Faults and improve Process Efficiency and Equipment.
• Have an Understanding of the Control Narratives of the Processing Plant in relation to the Instrumentation Equipment installed and ability to Operate / Configure / Set-Up installed Instrumentation Equipment adequately, taking following requirements into consideration – Safe Work Permits, Risk Assessments, and Simulation, and Bypass of Operational Loops.
• Adherence to the Company Planned and Preventative Maintenance Schedules in Area of Responsibility and all Safe Operating and Equipment Procedures Procedures.
• Execute all Instrumentation Maintenance Schedules in area of Responsibility and focus on effective Communication with respect to Maintenance Works Orders and keep Back Log to the Minimum, and following correct Engineering Standards w.r.t Maintenance, and Inspection Schedules.
• Keeping Record / Compile of all Instrumentation Log Sheets in Area of Responsibility and Provide Adequate / End of Shift Feedback to Direct Line Managers.
• Ensure the Correct and Safe Usage of all Workshop Tools and PPE. Apply and Practice Correct and Safe Working / Operating Principles and Standards during all Instrumentation Maintenance Tasks and Comply / Adhere to all Safe Working / Operating Procedures.
• Participate as a Team player in the Instrumentation Section and Comply with all KMP and Smelter Health and Safety Requirements.
• Interact, and liaise with Senior Supervisors ( Instrumentation ), Instrumentation Supervisors, Control Systems Specialists, Instrumentation Specialists in order to provide a Full Range of Instrumentation Services / Support to Production, Processing Team, other Engineering Teams.
• Have the ability to Setup, Calibrate, Configure and Maintain a wide variety of the latest Field Instrumentation related to Processing Plants.
• Conduct Shift or Regular Inspection of the Plant Instrument Equipment, to gather fresh information as basis in creating Work Schedules with Preventative Measures in mind, and assist the Supervisor w.r.t Inspections and Schedules.
• Contribute through Effective Work Practises and OEM requirements, an environment, where a cultivating, nurturing mind set is created toward continues improvement of processes and equipment.
• Always ensure that proper and appropriate House Keeping is applied, and adhered to; and after every Fault Finding Process, the area of work is cleaned, and neatened up to the Smelter Instrument Standards. And all Specialized Tools and Equipment, are looked after and cleaned and stored appropriately.
• Aligning, and Adherence to the Call-Out / Breakdown Procedure – where all Major Equipment Failures are Reported immediately to the Control & Instrumentation Superintendent and also proper Feedback on the Progress of the Breakdown Task together with a proper auditable Root Cause Analysis.

• Vendor and Contract Management of the Instrumentation Section, including:
• Ensure Adequate Record Keeping of all Company and Vendor related Documentation; when required by Direct Line Managers.

• Resource Management of the Instrumentation Section, including:
• Ensure that Good Work Ethics is sustained by Effectively Discipline with reference to Absenteeism, Lateness, Overtime, Misconduct, etc. within the section.
• Appropriate Leave Planning in conjunction with the Direct Line Managers.

• Other Duties, as per Instruction from Control & Instrumentation Superintendent, Senior Supervisor and the respective Supervisor.

• Minimum Requirement, is a Trade Certificate in Instrumentation, for this role.

• A Minimum Requirement of 2 years, as an Instrumentation Mechanician, or Technician, within a Pyromettalurgical Metallurgical Processing or Metallurgical Processing Operation.

Behavioural Traits
• Teamwork
• Bold Initiative
• Thinking Safety
• Upholding Quality
• Technical Skill
• Driving Quantity
• Driving Attendance
• Positive Attitude
• FQM Way

Operational Requirements
• Excellent Computer Literacy ( Preferable, but not essential )
• Overtime and standby work when required
• Fluency in English
• Depth Perception
• Colour Distinction

Education Requirement: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months: 24

Level of Education
Lusaka Zambia


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