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Company/ Mission description:

Excited to work on a project for a key player in the energy landscape?

The Belgian, German and European energy landscape is in full swing. Did you know that our client plays a crucial role in this?

As part of a larger Group, a European transmission system operator, the company in Belgium and in Germany ensure the reliability and sustainability of the electricity supply in both countries.

Side-by-side with other Contingent Workers and internal staff, you will play a part in building a sustainable, green and reliable energy infrastructure that stimulates economic growth and reduces our ecological footprint.

Only together can we make the biggest impact possible! We believe in the power of diversity: we are convinced that an inclusive and diverse work environment leads to more innovation, creativity and better results.
Service description:
• find possible misspelled contractual words with methods like: Levenshtein, Hamming, etc. and limit the burden for... the business to review each time all false positives.
• run quality check on documents by sometimes making more than hundreds LLM calls in a Retrieval Augmented Generation way for a document (you will ensure robustness, scaling issues, etc.)
• Test and prototype additional LLM use-cases
• The Consultant will work in tandem with the IT department to build a solution that satisfies the production grade requirements for internal use of the tool
• The Consultant will transform the business requirements into real prototypes
• Successful prototypes will be industrialized for internal use, this will be your main KPI (successful industrialization)
• The Consultant will work autonomously on technical projects on all sort of technologies, you understand quickly how building blocks work and you can build solution upon it
• The Consultant will setup a lot of technical components that the business will test
• The Consultant will write high quality documentation that can be used afterwards
• The Consultant will train Elia's employees on specific technology points

• Good English skills required (speech and write).
• You are an LLM fan, and you can demonstrate it large leagues models proven track records of implementing large language models
• You produce very good Python code (you are capable of writing production grade Python code)
• You know the basics on infrastructure like how to spin dockers containers, make simple deployments on K8s, use certificate for SSL, ...
• You are a doer, you learn fast, and you like to learn
• You are comfortable to search for solutions autonomously
• You have experience in Azure cloud or similar
• Master’s degree or bachelor in IT or engineering is mandatory
• Good communication skills and ability to vulgarize complex concepts
• You feel comfortable to give trainings and make presentation to an audience

Additional information:
• Work regime: full-time
• Location: Empereur
• Important: if the consultant will work in Belgium, for non-EU candidates, please present candidates who comply with the following criteria:
• Possess a work permit allowing the individual to work in Belgium.
• Hold a valid residence permit confirming the right of residence in Belgium.

There’s something electric in the air with this mission!

What makes this mission attractive?

An interesting project at the reference within the energy sector: the Group encourages innovation and collaboration. Within our company you will be at the forefront of the energy transition, and you will have the chance to contribute to ground-breaking technologies designed to accelerate this transition. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to demonstrate your skills and develop further your competences within this project.

Focus on well-being at work: we put maximum effort into a positive work culture in which your well-being is central.

A diverse team of co-workers: the company puts a high value on diversity and inclusion. You will join a diverse and passionate team that enjoys sharing knowledge and leading the way towards a more sustainable future together.

We are convinced that your contribution to our team will be invaluable and look forward to welcoming you soon
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