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Accountable for specialist outputs and initiating changes in policies, procedures, standards and services within inter-related functional areas of responsibility. This role will work with various closely related concrete variables, requiring an understanding of the theory or practices underpinning inter-related functional processes.

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to enable achievement of Production targets, within area of responsibility, through effectively executing on production activities and ensuring adherence to an operational and financial framework of practices, processes, standards and controls.

Key Accountabilities and Outputs

Actively engage at regional level in the End-to-End Sales and Operational Planning Process  Contribute to the Material Planning process as well as the execution of the Material Plan for region of responsibility  Ensure that the Daily Production / Manufacturing Schedule is aligned to ensure delivery in... line with customer requirements  Work in conjunction with the Production Manager to guarantee order fulfilment in line with customer requirements, cost, quality and time parameters Produce / Manufacture Product  Monitor the Daily Production / Manufacturing Schedule to ensure timeous product delivery to customers  Execute on the entire end to end Production/Manufacturing process for relevant region  Infrastructure Maintenance  Ensure that all Infrastructure are maintained to ensure optimal capacity usage and availability SHERQ framework, initiatives and communications  Assist with monitoring SHERQ Compliance in region of responsibility General Business, Financial and People Management  Actively participate in operational planning and budgeting processes  Drive continuous improvement through streamlining and optimising relevant operational practices, processes and systems  Ensure adherence to operational and financial frameworks of practices, processes, standards and controls  Control cost and take the necessary action to mitigate any financial risks or non-compliance  Ensure that the right people capacity is in place and manage employee performance through effective and goal directed people leadership

Qualifications and Experience  Diploma in Production Management or Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial)  Leadership Capability (TLDP)  Up to 4 years experience (Supervisory) Supervisory; FMCG (bottling preferred)  MS Excel; MS Word; E Mail

Key Qualities Communication  Detailed verbal or written instructions or requests to employees or contractors Problem Solving  Proactive identification of functional problems related to a specific process or policy, determine cause and impact, and choose the best alternative to solve the problem based on guidelines provided and an understanding of the theory or practices underpinning the problem. Relationships Maintained  Others outside of own work area but inside the organisation

Behavioural Competencies Persuasiveness  Ability to persevere until an effective outcome is reached.  Takes into account another's viewpoint when stating a point.  Looks at all available avenues of influencing another's decision.  Looks for a win-win scenario when influencing another's decision. Leadership  Able to communicate and gain team commitment to a vision of what is to be achieved.  Delegates fully and creates opportunities which help others to develop their potential.  Identifies inequalities of opportunity within the workplace and takes steps to address them.  Inspires and empowers others to overcome difficulties and achieve goals.  Nurtures strong team identity and pride. Continuous Improvement  Increases performance expectations when success has been achieved  Seeks out sources of information, including trade associations, “best practice” companies, customers, peers, subordinates, etc.  Finds ways to fast-adapt improvement ideas to work processes  Proactively seeks out resources, alliances, etc., needed to quickly introduce improvements Collaboration  Helps others with their work.  Meets commitments to team members or others in the organisation.  Actively contributes to team discussions and the accomplishment of team work plans.  Shares expertise and resources to help others address their needs.  Seeks to include all those who can contribute to the most successful outcome and those who have a stake in the results.  Actively keeps all stakeholders informed.  Attempts to reinvigorate team processes when progress is lagging: stays engaged even when not in full agreement with the team’s direction. Accountability  Accomplishes assigned tasks and goals: takes necessary actions to keep progress against objectives on track.  Prepares a roadmap for success.  Ensures that all who need to know, are clear about the plan.  Takes full responsibility for own actions and outcomes, including mistakes.  Always acts in the company’s best interest, regardless of whether it is difficult or unpopular.  Ensures others are on track for achieving their goals
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