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Job Summary
Sr. Accountant role involves both Accounts and Purchase function. He/she will play a crucial role in managing the procurement & accounts activities for The Lawns Restaurant. He/she will also be responsible for managing the financial aspects of The Lawns Restaurant, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency in all financial transactions.

He/she will be responsible for sourcing, negotiating, and purchasing high-quality ingredients, supplies, and equipment to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant. He/she shall also have a strong background in accounting, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate with various departments within the organization.

Key Responsibilities:
Supplier Management:
• Identify, evaluate, and build relationships with reliable suppliers of food, beverages, and other restaurant-related products.
• Negotiate terms and conditions with suppliers to secure favorable agreements, including pricing, delivery... schedules, and quality standards.

- Continuously assess and monitor supplier performance, ensuring adherence to agreed-upon terms.

Inventory Control:
• Develop and implement effective inventory management strategies to optimize stock levels and minimize wastage.
• Conduct regular stock assessments, track usage patterns, and forecast demand to prevent shortages and excess inventory.
• Implement systems to ensure the rotation of perishable items and the disposal of expired products.

Purchase Planning & Management:
• Plan weekly/monthly purchases
• Ensure timely purchase of materials as per the business demand

• Collaborate with department heads to develop weekly and monthly budgets and financial forecasts.
• Monitor and analyze budget variances, providing insights and recommendations for improvement.

Bookkeeping and Transactions:
• Oversee day-to-day accounting activities, including the recording of financial transactions, invoicing, and accounts payable/receivable.
• Ensure accuracy and completeness of financial records, maintaining a systematic filing system.

Tax Compliance:
• Prepare and file monthly and annual tax returns in compliance with Ugandan tax regulations.

Audit Coordination:
• Liaise with external auditors during annual audits, providing necessary documentation and support.
• Implement audit recommendations to enhance internal controls and financial processes.

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months: 36

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree
Kampala Uganda


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