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Position: Game Designer (Freelance or Full-time, Remote)

• Passion for creating and playing video games!
• Skills to design complex systems for games from varied genres.
• Excellent ability to communicate and document game design features.
• Proficient at Unity Game Engine to integrate assets, grey-box and undertake other tasks.
• Proficient at Adobe XD to create mock UX & UI flow.
• Basic to advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

• Design game systems and oversee its implementation process with the team in the game.
• Document game design features and ideas concisely
• Develop prototypes using pen-n-paper and digital techniques.
• Communicate & brain-storm game design features with the team in a collaborative manner.
• Play-test and balance games.
• Gather feedback and inputs from play-test sessions and address them appropriately.
• Grey-box level design.
• Integrate art assets including UI in... Unity.

• Basic understanding of programming language such as C# or equivalent.
• Keen interest in narrative writing.
• Basic knowledge of 3D softwares such as 3DS Max or Maya.

Required Material
• Resume
• Portfolio comprising an example of game design document and prototypes.
• A cover letter expressing your reason as to why would you like to work with us


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