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Electrical, Mechanical EngineerA Female Technician who is fresh out of college. They are looking to hire as a contractor to start with, and the specialization can be either Electrical or Mechanical. Below are the key requirements for this position:Educational Qualification: Completion of a relevant technical degree or diploma from an institution within the last three years maximum. Fresh out graduate is plus .Technical Skills: Basic knowledge and understanding of the field of specialization (e.g., mechanical, electrical, or IT).Communication: Proficient in verbal and written communication to effectively collaborate with team members.Adaptability: Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new technologies and work environments.Physical Endurance: Capability to work in physically demanding environments if required.Team Player: Willingness to work collaboratively in a team-based environment.Computer Literacy: Proficiency in using computer applications relevant to the job role.They will... shortlist the profiles for Interview with the Manager.Pay-Scale : 6000-7000 QAR/MonthRotation: 5DX2DType of Work: Office Based (8 AM to 5PM)Commuting Cost : Covered in BasicOvertime, Vacations, VTA, Insurance etc- We can define later in SOW as per necessary
Doha Qatar


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