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Обязанности: ; Требования: ; Условия: ; Описание: Shift type of job in Murmansk Technical competences: Unloading and Inspection of the gas turbine major auxiliaries at the installation site and their placement on the foundation Geometric dimensional check of foundation, equipment and auxiliaries skids positioning, levelling (ensure levelness and elevations of subsole plates and perform contact checks between subsole plates and package supports) and alignment Knowledge of IDM (Installation Design Manual GEAE) for all different Gas Generators, such as LM2500 SAC, DLE, Plus, LM6000 SACPB, LM6000 DLEPB, HSPT Advise on interpretation of GE drawings for installation optimisation Gas Generator assembly and disassembly activities Installation and assembling activities of gas turbine and auxiliary equipment such as oil console, air system, interconnection piping, coolers, structure, ducts, oil flushing, blowing, etc Perform lube oil and cooling water systems procedures Install inlet and... exhaust systems Pre-commissioning and commissioning of oil system, starting system, fuel gas system, air system Ensure all gas piping and orifices are correctly installed for each piping system Mark-up all piping drawings to show piping modifications Piping&Instruments (P&I) Marked-up Ensure packages/rotors are aligned Work closely with Instrument Engineer during the installation, calibration and set-up electrical instrumentation (such as vibration probes, temperature elements, servo actuators calibration, etc) Inlet Duct Pre-Start-up checks Pre-start-up & Start-up checks Level 1 Overhaul activities : Boroscope inspection, water wash, high-pressure recoup check and setting, variable stator vane rigging and calibration, replacement of variable vane actuator, replacement of variable stator feedback cable, replacement of variable stator vane control, replacement of fuel nozzle, replacement of scavenge pump, replacement of instrumentation (thermocouple, Thermo Resistence, vibration sensor, etc), replacement of pneumatic/hydraulic starter, replacement of outside piping and flexible hoses connected with Gas Generator (GG), replacement of air/oil separator, replacement of fuel manifold, replacement of accessory gear box carbon seal, replacement of bleed valve, replacement of acoustic sensors, replacement of fuel gas valves. Level 2 Overhaul activities : In addition to Level 1 activities: Hot Gas Path Inspection on Power Turbine (PT) on PGT25-HSPT-PGT16 equipment's, Gas Generator mid frame replacement, Combustion Chamber replacement, inlet duct replacement, center body replacement, accessory gear box replacement, radial drive shaft replacement, inlet gear box replacement, Variable Stator Vane (VSV) actuating mechanism replacement, compressor front frame replacement, compressor stator case replacement, compressor VSV removal/installation, VSV position indicator removal/installation, compressor stator variable vane shroud removal/installation, compressor stator fixed vanes removal/installation, power turbine and gas generator separation and reassembly, miscellaneous sump components inspection and replacement, compressor rotor blades replacement, power turbine casing removal/reinstallation, power turbine inspection, removal and reassembly of power turbine transition piece, power turbine shaft removal and installation, etc. Perform small mechanical repairs at machining tools in the workshop Equipment start-up, diagnostic and troubleshooting
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