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Abdulrahman Kanoo School Diyar (ARKS) opened in August 2022 and is the second standalone school under the Abdulrahman Education Group (ARKEDU)- the only Bahrain Education Group within the region, with currently two separate schools under its umbrella- and further local and regional aspirations. Our late Founder and sole founder of the schools’, Mr. Abdulrahman Jasim Kanoo, had a vision to make education accessible to all within the Kingdom. ARKS is a new purpose-built facility which was constructed and opened to a starting cohort of 220 children from Nursery to Yr. 5. British curriculum, we are currently a cohort of 450 students from Nursery to Yr. 6. Our expansion includes Phase Two, which will see the school opening Yr. 7 to Yr. 9 for the academic year 2024/25.

Environment, Sustainability and Innovation are at the centre of the school’s ethos, along with offering students access to four multi-purpose sports courts (FIFA and FIBA approved). The facilities themselves are built into... the curriculum itself- with the belief that learning this aspect is a fantastic way to enhance the educational experience for students. They provide valuable hands-on opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom and develop practical skills. As the only school in the Kingdom to be tri-lingual- as it offers conversational Mandarin, we have a leadership team that is focused on supporting students, it's important to identify and address gaps in the local, regional, and international markets and consider factors such as curriculum, teaching methodologies, infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and career development opportunities. We look for areas where your institution can provide unique offerings or improve upon existing ones. As an Education Group, the schools have both a student and staff focus on Well Being. This is seen with the introduction of a robust Well Being Curriculum, alongside break out days which focus on stress management, health, work life balance and team building.

The next milestone is “Phase Two” which will see the opening of the ARKS High School on the same campus (2024/2025). Our continued mission is to “provide high-quality education that empowers its students to be successful and principled citizens in the local and global community”, notes the school’s Board of Trustees, “The school is committed to the local, regional, and international community. We believe we have a responsibility to help those less privileged through genuine and sustainable service opportunities- striving to make a difference to match our core values of: Aspirational, Respect, Kindness, Excellence, Diversity and Uniqueness”.

We are recruiting creative and innovative staff to grow with our Phase Two Expansion. If you are passionate and a team player looking to take on additional responsibilities, being part of Bahrain’s first Education Group (ARKEDU) could be the next step. If you have been considering a potential step on from your current role and relish a challenge, we are looking for you.


If you are interested in applying for any of the posts mentioned for ARKS Diyar, please complete by sending your CV and cover letter, which states why they are interested in this position and the value that you would add to the school. Send the needful to hrvacancies@arks.edu.bh

This is a unique opportunity to be part of, and to contribute and support 26 years of academic excellence.

Closing date: June 2024, with official start in August 2024 for the new academic year.

Please note early applicants may be interviewed prior to the closing date- the school’s leadership has the right to interview and appoint before the published closing date.

ARKS is committed to safeguarding, promoting the well-being and the welfare of our students. Our staff share this same commitment and hold this responsibility to ensure the safety of our school community. To this end both a Good Conduct, Enhanced Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest, vetting inclusive and restricted to reference checks, identity and criminal record checks, social media and notarised qualifications and validations.


P.O. Box: 50075, Muharraq

Kingdom of Bahrain


Apply - PE Teacher – Secondary School Bahrain