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sennder is Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder. In a traditional industry, we are moving fast to digitize and automate all road logistics processes. We are a growing team looking for an Executive Assistant for the Co-founders to help us on our journey to revolutionize road freight logistics. You would join our Office of the CEO in the Milan/Berlin office.

We value humility and we're as interested in your character as we are in your talent. Please apply, even if you feel you only meet part of our listed criteria. Diversity drives our innovation and we offer a collaborative, dynamic and international work environment. Just be yourself. We are excited to meet you and for you to join us in shaping the future of the logistics industry in Europe.


As a Senior Executive Assistant you’ll work on interesting responsibilities like managing the agenda of C-levels, communicating with internal and external parties, organizing and maintaining important documents to support... decision-making and prioritizing tasks for the smooth operation of the Office of the CEO. You’ll be collaborating closely with our CEO, other executives and many other stakeholders while being part of a strong team to remove hurdles and enable a high performance of the team on a daily basis.
• Coordinate C-Level exchanges and communicate across all aspects of the business by establishing exceptional working relationships with the entire organization
• Provide daily operational & administrative support to the C-Level(s)
• Plan & manage complex calendars and book travel
• Manage email inboxes to ensure they are kept tidy and responses are sent in a timely manner
• Find ways to help our C-Level(s) to optimize their impact & effectiveness continuously
• Undertake project work and research tasks when requested by the C-Level(s)
• Plan internal and external workshops and events, contribute your own ideas and address all projects with the utmost engagement, including welcoming and hosting guests
• Monitor and ensure company-wide compliance with travel policy
• 5+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant in fast-paced environment (e.g. management consulting or law firms)
• Able to establish immediate credibility with peers, senior leadership, and external partners
• Able to demonstrate strong organizational skills and have the ability to prioritize and multitask
• Adaptive, outgoing, and a positive professional who loves working in an ever-changing environment with a no-task is too small attitude
• Analytical and structured in your approach with exceptional attention to details
• Experienced working with MS Office skills or G-Suite skills
• Fluent in English (Italian/German is a plus)

ABOUT sennder

sennder is moving trucks with the power of data to unlock endless and sustainable capacity at unparalleled quality. Through our proprietary transportation operating system, built by our in-house tech teams, we not only connect shippers to our fleet of thousands of trucks, but also improve how they move products in sustainable, cost-efficient, and transparent ways - making the logistics industry fit for the future. In a traditional industry, we’re growing and moving fast to digitally automate all road logistics processes.

We are building a curious team that is driven by an ambitious desire to solve the toughest logistics puzzles. What others may consider uncertainty, we see as an opportunity to learn and be proactive. We invite you to go on this journey with us and be part of one of Europe’s inspiring growth stories as we fast-forward road logistics into digitalization. Get to know us, our culture, green business, funding history, and more on our


At sennder, we want to maximize the individual’s potential for all employees and reinforce an inclusive culture and environment of continuous learning that empowers people to succeed as a team. In addition to humility, we value commitment, team spirit, respect, and kindness to build trusted relationships across teams. Learn more on
• A fast-growing, start-up-oriented international team of 1000+ people with 65+ nationalities spread across 8 country offices with English as our company language.
• Continuous feedback and bi-annual review process for personal development, professional growth, and career opportunities. We also use “Objectives and Key Results” for company goals.
• A structured promotion process, providing everyone with fair and transparent career growth.
• Learning and development opportunities on the job and through conversations with your manager.
• Various opportunities to connect with colleagues, formally and informally, digitally or in-person (when allowed), through regular team events, company get-togethers, and partnership events with other companies and local organizers.
• Office first work policy (three days a week)
• When in the office: snacks, drinks, and fruits.
• All interviews are currently conducted on a remote basis.

Please send your application in English and help us reduce negative unconscious bias by leaving out your picture, age, address, and other unnecessary information in your CV. We only want to know the merits on which you’d be great for this role.

If you have any questions or problems please reach out to us at . We do not accept applications via email or LinkedIn.

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Freight and Package Transportation

sennder is a leading digital freight forwarder changing the logistics industry by connecting shippers with truck carriers through in-house built technology.

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