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This position will be responsible to monitor the performance of logistics and Distribution in order to ensure 100% supply of products for Subway Restaurants in Colombia, at the lowest distribution possible cost, sustained value, in a continues way and satisfying Quality and Food Safety requirements established by Subway .
Currently there are more than 225 Subway Restaurants in Colombia with a sustained growth for coming years.


Vision & Strategy
• Engages with Subway's local and regional stakeholders to set priorities.
• Provides support in definition of logistics and distribution goals based on the Annual Operating Plan (AOP)
• Sets the logistics and distribution vision for the market based on market intelligence and research to continuously enhance the VALUE delivered to the franchisees.
• Identifies sources of income (fees) and provides support to the IPC LAC accounting team in case of payment discrepancies throughout the year.
• Engages with local franchisees to... seek input and feedback on the logistics and distribution vision and agenda.
• Sets a performance review routine with Subway stakeholders to ensure projects are on track; resets priorities and seeks support on given topics and issues as necessary.
• Is accountable for the overall performance of the logistics and distribution in market, as measured via regular review of supplier performance.
• Reports monthly the Logistic Operator ́s KPIs of service and quality and their corrective actions plans when needed.
• Lives the core values of the organization.
Supply Chain and Distribution Strategic Management
• Monitor Logistic Operator ́s Demand Planning process, considering growth in number of restaurants, stationality, and marketing Windows calendar.
• Make sure that logistic operator has the right minimum safety stocks.
• Ability to analyze data and KPIs to make databased decisions and generate reports with tools such as PowerBI.
• Monitor performance of Logistic Operator and also Food or Packaging suppliers, and if necessesary stablish the corrective actions needed in case of a performance under the standard.
• Elaborates Contingency Plans. Detects risk and opportunities in the supply chain and stablish the corrective action plans to correct, reduce or eliminate those risks.
• Follow up to the KPI ́s and Service Level from the Logistic Operator and Vendors
• Monitors Suppliers ́s Fill Rate
• Monitors OTIF from the Logistic Operator
• Monitors others KPIs in logistics area
• Elaborates Corrective Action Plans and Follow up of corrective actios to solve problems related to low Service level in deliveries and dispatches from both suppliers and logistic operator.
• Monitors Claims and Problems solvings platform if available or seeks to implement new platforms to follow up Claims and Problems with deliveries to Restaurants.
• Monitors and optimize the cost of import in order to obtain the low cost posible for franchisees.
• Manage the Distribution and Logistic contract and if necessary, renegotiates terms and conditions to assure Subway Franchisees ́s competitiveness.
• Seeks and Implement Cost Savings and Value-Added Projects
• Leads category management for one or multiple categories (Packaging, chemicals and cleaning, Freight, beverages and Uniforms). Controls the cost of categories assigned.
• Participates in periodic Business Review with strategic vendors.
• Continuously perform comparative cost analysis.
New Product Development
• Supports Subway Marketing Teams and IPC Supply Chain Manager in the definition of forecast for new products based on current Mix Sales.
• Coordinates the timely supply of New Products for Subway Marketing Windows in the year aligned with the negotiations, terms and conditions, and supplier capacity check confirmed by IPC Supply Chain Manager.
• Assures that Logistic Operators includes in the Demand Planning process the quantities shared by Subway Marketing Teams and enough lead times for purchasing New Products and then collaborates with follow up with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the entirely supply chain to make sure New Product arrives on time and complete.
Sales & Operations Planning
• Monitors and reports periodically sales performance vs targets in order to optimize product availability, supply chain visibility (inventories, product movement) and accuracy.
• Collaborates with Subway's marketing team to calculate future sales units and sales mix, taking into account sales seasonality, new product launches, new pricing policies and other variables
• Participates in biweekly meetings with Subway Marketing Team and Local Business Development Agent Teams to support the Marketing Calendar
• Engages with IPC Supply Chain Manager, suppliers and distributors to calculate demand/supply plans to ensure optimal product availability considering "good/cheap/fast" principles.
• Engages with IPC Supply Chain Manager to provide support with suppliers on all demand/supply
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