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Job Overview: The Systems Analyst plays a pivotal role in optimizing and maintaining our company’s IT systems to enhance business functionality and overall performance. This role requires an experienced individual capable of overseeing IT implementations, managing vendor relations, and maintaining a variety of specialized software and systems, including ERP financial systems and clinical trial applications.

Key Responsibilities:

1.IT Implementation: Lead the planning, execution, and successful completion of ITprojects, including the rollout of new systems and upgrades. Coordinate with IT teammembers and other departments to ensure smooth and timely implementations.

2.Vendor Support Management: Manage and enhance relationships with software andhardware vendors. Negotiate contracts and ensure compliance with service-levelagreements. Act as the primary liaison between external service providers and theorganization.

3.ERP Systems Management: Administer and optimize ERP financial... systems such asNetSuite, Coupa, and SAP. Ensure systems are updated, accurate, and tailored to meet thefinancial reporting and processing needs of the organization.

4.Clinical Trial Applications Software: Oversee software solutions that support clinicaltrials, ensuring they are compliant with regulatory standards and meet the operationalneeds of the clinical departments.

5.Cloud SaaS Applications: Manage and optimize cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)applications. Ensure high availability, security, and performance of these applications,focusing on maximizing efficiency and scalability.

6.IT Audits: Conduct regular IT audits to ensure that all systems are compliant with internalpolicies and external regulations. Identify and mitigate risks associated with IT assets andprocesses.

7.Experience with Microsoft Azure: Utilize Microsoft Azure for various implementations,ensuring optimal configuration, security, and performance of cloud services.

8.Endpoint and Security Architecture: Develop and maintain secure architectures forendpoint management. Implement security best practices and policies to protect data andIT infrastructure.

Skills and Qualifications:
• Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, SystemsEngineering, or a related field.
• Experience: Proven experience in systems analysis, IT implementation, and managementof ERP systems. Experience in healthcare or clinical environments is highly preferred.
• Technical Skills: Strong knowledge of ERP financial systems (NetSuite, Coupa, SAP),clinical trial software, Microsoft Azure, and Cloud SaaS applications.
• Analytical Skills: Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically andstrategically.
• Communication: Strong communication skills, capable of working with variousstakeholders across multiple disciplines and levels of the organization.
• Security Skills: Experience with endpoint management and security architecture, with akeen understanding of cybersecurity best practices.

Certifications: (Optional but advantageous)
• Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
• Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
• Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions
• ERP Certification
• CompTIA A+ certification

Job Functions

1.Support IT Implementation & Upgrades(SAP Expense/ITSM Jira/Netsuite/Coupa/HR Systems)•Lead the implementation and configuration of SAP and IT Service Management(ITSM) systems to align with business requirements.•Coordinate with different departments to understand their specific needs and integrate these requirements into the overall ITSM framework.•Train staff on the effective use of the new systems, ensuring smooth transition and adoption.2.IT Vendor Audit & Technical SLA Implementation:•Manage relationships with IT vendors and service providers, ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled and services are delivered according to agreed standards.•Evaluate vendor performance and facilitate communications between vendors and internal teams to resolve any issues promptly.•Conduct regular reviews and renegotiations of service contracts to optimize service quality and cost.3.Security Policies Review, Implementation, and Audit:
• Develop and review company-wide IT security policies and procedures to safeguardsensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements(SOX/CyberSecurity 2024/ITGC Audits)
• Implement security measures and control frameworks, such as access controls anddata encryption, to enhance data integrity and security.
• Regularly audit IT systems and practices, identifying security vulnerabilities andimplementing corrective actions.

4. ITIL Documentation:
• Create and maintain ITIL-compliant documentation for IT processes, includingincident management, change management, and service delivery.
• Ensure all ITIL documentation is up-to-date and reflects current practices, servingas a reference for IT operations and training materials.

5. Business Process Management and Automation:
• Analyze existing business processes to identify opportunities for improvementthrough automation.
• Develop and implement automation solutions to streamline operations, reduceerrors, and improve efficiency.
• Monitor the effectiveness of automated processes and make adjustments asnecessary to optimize performance.

6. Microsoft SharePoint Support:
• Administer and support the Microsoft SharePoint environment, including managinguser access, site configuration, and content management.
• Develop SharePoint sites and applications to meet departmental needs, enhancingcollaboration and information sharing across the organization.
• Provide training and support to users, ensuring they can leverage SharePointfunctionality effectively.

7. Support Clinical Applications (BLA/SaaS Server/Procurement and Vendor Onboarding):
• Support and manage clinical applications crucial for the business, such asBiologics License Applications (BLA), SaaS server platforms, and related IT systems.
• Facilitate the procurement and onboarding process for new IT vendors and softwaresolutions, ensuring they meet the organization’s requirements for clinicaloperations.
• Coordinate with clinical teams to ensure applications are configured correctly andfunction seamlessly to support clinical trials and research


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