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Foreigners are active! Would you like to work as a store manager at an izakaya? There is an independence support system ♪ job at 心八剣伝阿波座店. 中央線.

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Foreigners are active! Would you like to work as a store manager at an izakaya? There is an independence support system ♪

Kitchen staff
/ Floor staff
/ Store manager candidate

★ Mikeiken people are welcome
A person who likes eating, cooking, and customer service,
Anyone who wants to try anything is welcome!
In addition to in-store training, we also conduct monthly training for foreigners at our head office.
They also teach you about company rules and structures.

★ We will prepare a dormitory
The tavern is open until the train runs out.
The company will set up a dormitory near the store.
The company will pay half of the dormitory fee for 3 years.

★ There is an independence support system
We support those who want to have their own store.
For people who dream of owning their own stores in Japan and... overseas
The company backs it up.

★ You will learn cooking techniques
Even if you've never cooked, don't worry!
I teach you cooking techniques from scratch, so you don't have to worry

★ Carrierup
First, I'll aim to become a store manager
After that, managers, menu development, recruiters, etc.
You can aim for a variety of positions.

★ About the status of residence
Technology/humanities knowledge/international work: Those who aim to become store managers and managers in a short period of time
Specific Skill No. 1: Those who aim to become store managers
Specific Activity No. 46: Able to engage in all tasks

Employment form

Full-time job


Restaurant / Izakaya / Japanese Pub

Salary / Work Hours

Kitchen staff
Monthly Salary
~ ¥240,000
03:00 PM ~ 01:00 AM

Floor staff
Monthly Salary
~ ¥240,000
03:00 PM ~ 01:00 AM

Store manager candidate
Monthly Salary
~ ¥240,000
03:00 PM ~ 01:00 AM

Work Hours

5 days per week

From 8 hour(s)/day

Trial period

90 days
No change

Days off

Shift System

Shift System

Overtime work


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Work location



大阪市西区江之子島1-6-5 エアフォルク阿波座1F

Display MapOsaka Metro-Sennichimae line / 大阪メトロ千日前線
Awaza 阿波座
Osaka Metro-Chuo line / 大阪メトロ中央線
Awaza 阿波座


Transportation fully reimbursed(There are conditions)

Transportation Fee Covered

Interview method

Online interview

Japanese level

Conversational level (Equivalent of N3)

Work contents / remarks
<Job Description>
Cooking and customer service work at izakaya stores
◆ Preparation of food, simple cooking - advanced cooking, customer service, provision of food, etc., accounting, etc.

<Welfare Programs>
◆ Transportation expenses paid (up to 100,000 yen per month)
◆ Uniform rental
◆ Meal Assistance
◆ Company housing system (only when there is a transfer due to company circumstances)
◆ Various award systems (profit achievement, long-term service awards, employee awards)
◆ Qualification incentive system (payment up to 100,000 yen for the total amount of exam fees, tuition fees, and admission fees)
◆ Third child care allowance (3rd child: 10,000 yen per month, 4th child: 20,000 yen per month, 5th child and above the same amount as 4th child)
◆ Defined contribution pension
◆Property Savings System
◆ Labor Union (Marche Maruchukai Union)
◆ Employee Stock Ownership Association
◆ Condolence money
◆ Independence support system

Online Interview

Work environment / atmosphere

Prominent age group





Ratio of men to women



Percentage of foreign workers



An environment where you can use your native language



Experience employing foreign workers



Frequency of japanese use



No smoking inside the store/restaurant

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Other allowances

・Meal included

・Uniform provided

・Insurance included

・Assistance obtaining certification available

Online Interview

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labor insurance (including employment insurance and worker's compensation insurance) / Health Insurance (Including nursing-care insurance) / Welfare Insurance

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Other benefits

・Overtime allowance


・Paid leave

・Year-end and new year allowance

・Pay raise

・Late night allowance

Experience PreferredWomen EmployedLikes Cooking

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Status Click here for the status of residence confirmation page

Those who have a status of residence that allows them to work
※There might be cases where visa conditions apply by the listed company

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Apply - Foreigners are active! Would you like to work as a store manager... Japan