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**Job Description**

The CP case worker will be responsible for providing social services in line with key child protection principles including best interests of the child, confidentiality, do no harm and child participation. The case worker will work closely with children in need Judicial Protection or in conflict with the law and needs support in the judicial system, and children at-risk of harm providing case management services in line with Lebanon’s Standard Operating procedures, and Global minimum standards of child protection case management. She/he will be an advocate for children with close coordination with the legal service provider in order to ensure that the child have access to Justice. He/ she will be work to ensure that the children’s needs are at the core of service provision with children’s participation solicited at every stage of the process. This will include conducting outreach in order to reach children who otherwise would not have access to services and who... have difficulties in the judicial system. The case worker will be well equipped to support the child’s resilience and conduct social resource mapping with the child, safety planning, in addition to facilitate access to services for the child and his/her family. The case worker will be able to demonstrate critical thinking when it comes to assessing approaches to advocate for services to be made available for children in need of judicial protection. The case worker will demonstrate determination, focus and commitment to seeing through complex and time consuming processes such as trying to facilitate access to a service that may be expensive, located elsewhere or difficult for the child to access for multiple reasons. The case worker will see no barriers for children only solutions and approaches to achieve the desired result. The case worker will work in and around Tripoli conducting home visits; follow up and monitoring of children cases inside the Judicial courts with coordination with UPEL and Himaya in Tripoli. In line with case action plans, the case worker will also be responsible for closely coordinating with relevant external service providers and referrals to national and community based to report cases of children at high risk of harm as per the National SoP’s to ensure the child’s best interests. Internally the case worker will be working closely with the Senior Capacity building Officer and the legal counselor to ensure that children are well supported inside the court. Throughout the implementation of the program the case worker will be committed to identify and report challenges preventing children from accessing justice.
• *Major Responsibilities**

\- Identify cases in need of child protection and in conflict with the law or that have challenges in accessing judicial services.
\- Provide case management services in line with the Case Management National Standard Operating Procedures & Global Child Protection Case Management Guidelines.
\- Conduct outreach activities to identify and provide support to children through home visits, in close coordination with the street and working children program.
\- The case worker will be responsible of ensuring preparing cases action plans and handling and updating all related forms ensuring accountability.
\- The case worker will commit to maintain excellent documentation of case management files in line with the National Sop’s, BID and other relevant processes.
\- The case worker will assume full responsibility to assess the level of risk that a child is exposed to, and immediately report any cases that could evolve into high risk cases to the Senior Capacity building Officer, or CP system strengthen & capacity building manager if needed.
\- Regularly conduct service mapping to update existing services in the area, and strive to facilitate access to services for the child and his/her family even if the process requires thinking outside of the box, advocating to upper management, working groups, national entities or relevant authorities to facilitate.
\- Communication with other agencies for referrals and service provision.
\- Participate actively in weekly case management team meetings.
\- Maintain pro-active communication with all relevant internal units.
\- Responsible and accountable for drafting and updating reports which include case management reports, juvenile reports.
\- Responsible of handling referrals through IRC hotline number, respond to emergency cases and facilitate access to information and services whenever possible.
\- Be proactive in identifying opportunities to better support children through facilitating processes.
\- Responsible of filling M&E tools for all program activities and reporting troubleshooting to the relevant focal points within the M&E team.
\- Responsible of filling monthly reports for activities he/she was leading on.
• *Key Working Relationships**

\- Position Reports to: Senior Case Workers.
\- Position directly supervises: N/A
\- Indirect Reporting: Systems strengthening and capacity building manager, child protection senior manager.
• *Qualifications**

\- Degree in social work, psychology human rights, or related degree preferred.
\- Minimum of 2 years’ experience in case management in humanitarian or development settings.
\- Demonstrated understanding of working with children and particularly vulnerable children.
\- Team player, flexible, network-builder, able to handle pressure well and work in cross-cultural setting.
\- Remaining open to feedback and self-reflection.
\- Strive to cultivate self-care, recognizing one’s own needs, limits and signs of burn out.
\- Demonstrate qualities including honesty, kindness, professionalism, non-discrimination, and a commitment to working well in a team whilst staying true to oneself.
\- Commitment to serving children, do no harm and best interests of the child.
\- Strong believer in children being agents of change in their communities.
\- Fluency in written and spoken Arabic, English speaking is a plus.
• *Desirable not essential**

\- Experience working with the judicial system.
\- Experience working with Syrian, Dom and Turkmen communities
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