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Foreign Teachers Recruitment at NTU
外籍教师:通大国际化发展的重要力量 Foreign Teachers: An Important Force in the Internationalization Development of NTU
Nantong University (Tongda) firmly takes the introduction of foreign teachers and retention of foreign teachers as an important hand to promote the internationalization development of the university, enhance the quality of international talent training and international scientific research level, and vigorously carries out the work of attracting foreign talents. At the same time of revising and promulgating the Implementation Measures for the Introduction and Management of Talents of Nantong University and the Reward Measures for “Bole Award” of Nantong University’s High-level Talents Attraction and Training Work, the university has also specially formulated the Management Provisions for Apartments of Foreign Teachers of Nantong University, the Measures for the Salary Administration of Foreign Teachers of Nantong University, and the Rules for the... Assessment of Prizes and Merits of Foreign Experts of Nantong University.
Nowadays, more than ten foreign teachers have moved into the foreign teachers’ apartment. Jaward, who came to Nantong University with his wife and children from Pakistan two years ago, not only successfully applied for a fully equipped two-bedroom apartment to solve the problem of accommodation for the whole family at the beginning of his stay at the university, but also his eldest son was enrolled in Zilang Primary School of Nantong not far away from the university in September this year.
“I am very grateful for all the help the school has provided for our family.” Jaward said that since he started working at Tongda, the school has not only provided him with all kinds of help in the registration procedures, solving the problems of family accommodation and children’s schooling, but also organized Chinese language training and heart-to-heart talks from time to time to help them improve their Chinese language proficiency and alleviate their psychological distress. “My youngest daughter was born at the end of last year, and the school took the initiative to help us contact the community and the police station to build a card; my eldest son can go to Zilang Primary School because the school helped us communicate with the school in the early stage; in April this year, when we were inconvenienced by the epidemic, the school tried to help us purchase a large batch of halal ingredients; the school leaders sent blessings and spring couplets to my home on the eve of the Spring Festival, which helped me find a ‘home’ at Tongda” He said.
As a matter of fact, in order to let foreign teachers have a pleasant and peaceful trip to Tongda, the relevant functional departments of the university started to collect relevant information to understand the culture, religion and beliefs of the countries in which they live at the very first moment when the foreign teachers expressed their intention of cooperation, and took the initiative to ask the foreign teachers about their own dietary habits, children’s enrollment needs, etc., to assess their adaptability to Nantong and to make a good plan in advance. Before the foreign teachers formally report to the school, special personnel will also be arranged to dock with the local immigration authorities to help them with residence permits and work permits. Last year, the school made special and urgent arrangements and used all kinds of resources to help a foreign teacher whose visa was about to expire solve the problem of visa extension the day before he joined the school.
“We treat foreign teachers as an important force for the university’s internationalization development, tapping into hiring channels while improving management and service levels, so that more foreign teachers can serve Tongda’s high-quality development.” Ni Jianle, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, introduced that the school currently has a total of 25 foreign teachers from 16 countries, including Italy, Spain, the United States, South Korea, India, etc., of which 14 are focused on teaching language and art majors, and 11 are in the school’s scientific research affairs.
Foreign Teachers
Foreign Teachers at Nantong University

DOYLE TIMOTHY EDWARD, English teacher, from USA
FANETTI BEATRICE, Vocal teacher, from Italy
FIORE ROBERTO, Piano teacher, from Italy
合田顺子(日本)GODA JUNKO, Japanese teacher, from Japan
合田佳容子(日本)GODA KAYOKO, Japanese teacher, from Japan
HERRERA BALANDRANO DANIELA DENISE, Professor in Food Science, from Mexico
HUSSAIN MUHAMMAD JAWARD, Associate Professor in Computer Science, from Pakistan
胜川真琴(日本)KATSUKAWA MAKOTO, Japanese teacher, from Japan
KHAN ROMANA YASMIN, Associate Professor in Architecture, from Pakistan
LABORDA MARTINEZ PEDRO, Professor in Agriculture, from Spain
MANZANARES RODRIGUEZ JOSE, Visual Art teacher, from Spain
MARTINENGHI IVO, Cello teacher, from Italy
MEHARI TEAME GEREZIHER, Postdoc, from Ethiopia
MENG MIN, English teacher, from USA
西守康弘(日本)NISHIMORI YASUHIRO, Japanese teacher, from Japan
PANDIYAN SANJEEVI, Associate Professor in Computer Science, from India
RAHIMI LEYLA, English teacher, from Australia
SCICCHITANO ALESSIA, Italian teacher, from Italy
SEONG MYEONGSU, Researcher in Biomedical Instrument, from South Korea
ZARIFIAN SHAHRIAR MAHDI, English and Chemistry teacher, from Iran

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