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*Job Summary:*

Responsible for providing overall leadership in their classroom. This
leadership involves planning, executing, and evaluating all programs
necessary to fulfill the school's learning expectations for the students.
• Duties and Responsibilities:*
• Performs the following regarding curriculum and instruction.
• Develops weekly lesson plans to accomplish student learner outcomes,
course objectives, and standards and benchmarks as stated in curricular
• Maintains proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems
personally and referring major problems to the principal.
• Develops a positive, nurturing class environment.
• Implements instructional technology, audio-visual materials, class
projects, and other methods that enhance learning.
• Adapts strategies for working with second language learners (especially
SIOP strategies).
• Uses differentiation to work toward meeting the needs of the students in
the class including students with learning... differences.
• Assigns homework that supports learning and that is within the
expectations and goals of the school.
• Attends and participates in teacher's meetings, some evening programs if
involving his or her students, annual teacher's conference, and other
meetings as assigned in the teacher’s handbook.
• Holds help classes after school as needed.
• Completes paperwork including the following:
• Beginning, mid-year, and end-of-the-year goal forms.
• Mid-quarter grade reports 4 times per year (Elementary through HS).
• Report cards 4 times per year.
• Inventories of classroom equipment/ supplies/books.
• End-of-year debriefing evaluation form.
• Administration of achievement tests as assigned or required.
• Accreditation paperwork.
• Other paperwork as assigned or requested.
• Cleans or repairs building or classroom:
• Tends to the overall appearance of the classroom.
• Assists in overall cleanliness and maintenance of facilities.
• Promptly reports repair needs to the administration.
• Completes end-of-the-year cleaning of the classroom area.
• Plans parties at designated holidays (elementary).
• Is available to parents or students who wish to have a conference during
or after school.
• Is prepared for twice-yearly conferences with the parents of each student
• ECC – Required fall home visits, optional spring conferences
• Elementary – Required fall conferences, optional spring conferences
• Middle School – Required fall student-led conferences, optional spring
student-led conferences
• High School – Conferences as desired by teacher or parent
• Students on Action Plans – Teachers who work with that child must attend
the annual conference
• Supervises extracurricular activities, organizations, and outings as
assigned in the teacher’s handbook. This includes fall camp and spring
trips for secondary.
• Oversees or participates in assemblies as referred to in the teacher’s
handbook or as mentioned in a teacher’s specific job requirements.
• Takes part in the yearly professional development program as assigned in
the annual professional development plan.
• Serves on committees, such as those for accreditation or curriculum
review, as requested or assigned.
• Carries out other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the
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