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The Missouri Public Defender System (MSPD) is dedicated to providing legal representation to citizens accused of or convicted of crimes in Missouri who cannot afford an attorney. MSPD operates statewide through district offices that are strategically located throughout the state, offering opportunities to work in diverse settings, from urban areas like Kansas City and St. Louis to more rural... environments. With a team of about 700 professionals, including over 400 attorneys, MSPD handles diverse caseloads. Training is a top priority and MSPD ensures continuous professional development with distinguished, nationally recognized trial skills courses that equip public defenders for their commitment to justice.

As a Public Defender Trial Attorney at MSPD, you will be a crucial advocate for clients, ensuring they receive high-quality, zealous legal representation. You will represent clients throughout all phases of criminal matters in the state of Missouri. This role involves establishing professional relationships with clients, advising and counseling clients, conducting thorough case investigations, and appearing in court for scheduled dockets and appearances.

Job duties include:

Client Advocacy:
• Develop and maintain professional relationships with clients through telephone communication, meetings, and institutional visits.
• Provide comprehensive legal counsel and guidance to clients at every stage of their case.
Case Investigation:
• Conduct thorough investigations, including interviews with clients, witnesses, expert witnesses, and family members.
• Review law enforcement reports and examine discovery materials to build a solid defense strategy.
Communication and Transparency:
• Keep clients informed about the progress of investigations, negotiations, and court rulings.
• Ensure open and transparent communication with clients regarding their legal matters.
Court Appearances:
• Attend regularly scheduled court dockets and all appearances related to the assigned caseload.
• Effectively litigate all aspects of each client's case through disposition at the trial court level.
Legal Research and Document Preparation:
• Conduct legal research to stay abreast of statutes, regulations, and pertinent court decisions.
• Prepare legal documents, including motions, pleadings, and briefs for hearings, trials, and legal proceedings.
Trial Preparation:
• Prepare cases, clients, and witnesses for trial, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach.
Client Interests and Holistic Approach:
• Promote and protect the best interests of clients at all times, incorporating a holistic approach to legal representation.
• Collaborate with colleagues and support staff to provide comprehensive legal services.
• Foster a team-oriented approach to enhance the overall effectiveness of legal representation.
Continuing Legal Education (CLE):
• Attend CLE sessions as required to stay updated on legal developments and enhance professional skills.

Licensed to practice law in the State of Missouri, awaiting bar results, or transferring bar license from a different state. Passion for criminal defense and commitment to justice for indigent clients. Strong communication and advocacy skills. Ability to manage a diverse caseload with efficiency and attention to detail. Willingness to work in varied settings and adapt as necessary. Collaborative spirit to work effectively with support staff and legal team members. Openness to continuous learning and participation in training programs.

This is a full-time position based in [Location]. The successful candidate will receive competitive compensation and State of Missouri benefits that include a defined pension plan, generous amounts of leave and holiday time, and eligibility for health insurance coverage. Learn more about benefits at https://publicdefender.mo.gov/employment/working-for-mspd/benefits/ Your total compensation is more than the dollars you receive in your paycheck. To help demonstrate the value of working for the State of Missouri, we have created an interactive Total Compensation Calculator. This tool provides a comprehensive view of benefits and more that are offered to prospective employees. The Total Compensation Calculator and other applicant resources can be found https://pers.oa.mo.gov/applicants
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