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Job Overview: As a Marketing Brands Executive, you will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to support the growth and success of brands in db Group’s portfolio. This role involves collaborating with franchisees, creating localized marketing campaigns, and ensuring brand consistency across the franchise network.

• Franchise Marketing Strategy:
• Execute comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to support the unique needs of franchise locations.
• Collaborate with franchisees to align local marketing efforts with the overall brand strategy.
• Localized Marketing Campaigns:
• Create and implement localized marketing campaigns that drive customer traffic and sales for individual franchise locations.
• Provide guidance to franchisees on effective marketing tactics and promotional activities.
• Brand Consistency:
• Ensure brand consistency across all franchise locations, including messaging, visuals, and customer experience.
• Conduct... regular audits to monitor adherence to brand standards.
• Collaboration with Franchisees:
• Build strong relationships with franchisees to understand their unique market challenges and opportunities.
• Provide ongoing support on marketing initiatives and best practices.
• Marketing Material Development:
• Work closely with the marketing team to develop marketing materials, templates, and resources that can be customized for individual franchise needs.
• Coordinate the production and distribution of marketing collateral.
• Creative be able to create Reels & Tiktoks based on latest trends and apply them brand’s content plan.
• Market Research:
• Conduct market research to identify local trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences.
• Utilize insights to tailor marketing strategies to specific geographic and demographic factors.
• Performance Analysis and Reporting:
• Track and analyze the performance of marketing initiatives at both the franchise network and individual location levels.
• Provide regular reports and insights to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

• Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing or equivalent qualification.
• Proven experience in marketing, with a focus on brand management or multi-location marketing.
• Familiarity with franchise operations and an understanding of the unique challenges faced by franchisees.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build strong relationships with franchisees.
• Strong project management skills and ability to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.
• Highly Proficient in using Social Media platforms, marketing tools, analytics, and CRM systems.

Key Attributes:
• Collaborative: Able to work closely with franchisees and cross-functional teams.
• Adaptable: Capable of tailoring marketing strategies to diverse local markets.
• Results-driven: Focused on achieving measurable outcomes and supporting franchisee success.
• Problem Solver: Able to address challenges unique to franchise marketing and find effective solutions.
• Team Player: Able to sit down, collaborate, brain-storm and be a game changer
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