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HIRING POSITION : POWER PLANT MANAGER WORKING CONDITION: ON-SITE LOCATION: SOUTHERN , THAILAND ____________________________________________________________________________ Our client is a pioneering force in the edible oil and biodiesel industry, driven by innovation and sustainability. Our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to quality have placed us at the industry's forefront. As we expand our horizons, we're on the hunt for an exceptional CEO to lead us to even greater heights. Meanwhile, in Thailand, our client is a groundbreaking, fully integrated palm complex in the Southern. Far from a typical oil operation, it's a sustainability powerhouse. They transform locally sourced palm into edible oil and biodiesel while championing eco-friendly practices. Their zero-waste approach, turning waste into energy and cosmetics ingredients, is revolutionizing the industry. Thailand's trailblazer in the green revolution. Position Overview The power plant manager oversees the... production, maintenance, and distribution of electricity/steam, ensuring adherence to contractual agreements, standards, and applicable laws while also prioritizing customer service to meet company goals effectively. Responsibilities : Key Accountabilities Collaboratively develop strategies and action plans, along with budgets and performance metrics, for departments and subordinate units aligned with the department/company's objectives and stakeholder interests. Oversee departmental and subordinate operations, coordinating with relevant units to attain specified performance targets encompassing quality assurance, environmental impact mitigation, security protocols, risk assessment, fraud prevention, social responsibility, and related concerns. Delegate tasks, monitor, evaluate, and analyze the performance of departments and their subunits, presenting comprehensive reports to supervisors detailing factors contributing to goal achievement or shortfall. Offer recommendations for operational enhancements and solutions, while ensuring accountability for outcomes among subordinates and teams. Ensure effective communication of Group policies to subordinates, while also overseeing the dissemination of information from relevant agencies to internal and external departments. Planning Develop strategies, operational plans, performance indicators, targets, and implementation budgets. Communicate policies, strategic plans, indicators, and objectives to subordinates. Supervise, evaluate, and enhance the preparation and execution of section/department action plans to align with the strategic plan and accomplish goals. Operational Administer power purchase agreements with the Provincial Electricity Authority, steam purchase agreements with customers, and other contracts in compliance with specified terms and conditions Oversee the production process and assess the operation and maintenance of the electricity/steam generation and distribution system, focusing on efficiency and stability. Utilize findings to strategize improvement operations. Supervise customer service operations, encompassing product quality and delivery. This involves managing customer relationships and ensuring satisfaction through surveys and analysis processes. Control and Assessment Analyze and assess the performance of biomass power plant management against specified objectives and goals. Perform measurements, analysis, and draw conclusions regarding customer satisfaction. Development Make decisions within the scope of responsibility or propose solutions to arising problems, ensuring timely and appropriate actions from biomass power plant management to upper management. Enhance the production process to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability to changes (Optimization). Qualifications : Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Engineering, or a related field. Minimum of 10 years of experience in operating and maintaining power plant production/distribution systems or optimizing power plant efficiency. Exceptional leadership, communication, and strategic planning skills. Strong understanding of production processes, supply chain management, and cost control. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices