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Reporting structureJob Summary and PurposeThe Third Engineer Officer must keep an engine room watch or, on UMS ships, must act as duty engineer in rotation. He may be required to act as the Shipboard Safety Officer.He understudies and is responsible to the Second Engineer Officer for:Accountabilities• The safety of all personnel working under his supervision • Electrical systems and equipment • Stores and spare gear allocated to his charge by the Second Engineer Officer • Electrical and mechanical maintenance and safety • Technical supervision of the work force as required • Carrying out any lawful command and delegated duty as issued by the Chief Engineer and /or Master Accountabilities - 2Accountabilities - 3CompetenciesCommunications with other nationalitiesDifferent types of Pumps, Centrifugal/Rotor dynamic and positive displacementDiversity AwarenessEmergency proceduresEngine Water testsEvaporators - Relationship between temp and pressure, why use Vacuum, Air compressors ... Maintenance and overhaulExperience of managing crew membersExperience with multinational crewsFlashing from cold, purge cycles, testing of Boiler water and associated hazards with incorrect impurity levels.Importance of weekly routines and equipment tested.IT experienceL.O Systems and safeties, Fresh water and Jacket cooling requirementsMaintenance of Engines and overhaul of cylinder headsOrdering spares and BunkersOther types of ship'sOverhaul of Gauge glassPersonal safety, Ship safety & protection of the environment.Previous Oil major experiencePTW systems, ISM requirements, Risk assessmentPurifiers and Clarifiers - difference between and reasons for heating Fuel/Lub oil prior to entry, Gravity discsReasons for testing of Boiler water.Refit ExperienceSafety features associated with Generating equipmentSewage treatment Plant - Gravity and Vacuum systemsStarting and Paralleling DG /TASteam driven and Framo Cargo pumpsTeamworkTesting of Fuel injectors and correct atomization.UMS operations. Emergency Generators, EM Fire pump, first start compressorWritten and spoken English to high standard.EducationClass 3Key Result AreasInteractions and Working RelationsFinancial AuthoritiesQualifications, Experience and Job Skills
Doha Qatar


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