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If you’re a spiritual psychotherapist with a passion for inner life, nature and the soul, then let’s connect!

We’re attuned to the soul.

We are a collaborative group of spiritual guides with longstanding practice and facilitation work in matters of the soul. Our team members have all followed the call to attend to inner life and have dedicated themselves to spiritual development. Our group is composed of a mixed community, all of whom have gifts of discernment acquired through many years of experience, various trainings and certifications, and apprenticeships in community. Our Spiritual Support Counsellors have provided spiritual care in various settings including but not limited to; hospice care, provincial prisons, long-term care facilities and Indigenous healing ceremonies. All of our team members feel a belonging within the broad umbrella of Celtic Spirituality which involves friendship with the natural world, mysticism, familiarity with inner landscapes and experience in... working with matters of the soul. Our culture is heartfelt, relationship focused, courageous and healing.

We know how to listen deeply.

We care deeply about the spiritual health and wellbeing of our clients. We know that matters of the soul aren’t always easily or quickly understood and it takes a certain kind of listening to hear those deep whispers. We believe that companionship and the spirit of friendship are keys to listening deeply, which is an outworking of our philosophical underpinning in Celtic Spirituality. We aim to stand alongside our clients to help them discover the soul, resolve soul-level issues, and live into how the soul is arising in their unique lives. We hope to strengthen each person’s direct relationship with divinity and the natural world. We believe that beauty lies at the heart of everything and we hold ourselves accountable to that clear-seeing in every encounter. For us, listening to the soul is a whole-person experience that we must share in with our clients.

We value friendship.

We believe that the spirit of friendship is essential to creating change in the world. The therapeutic relationship we follow is one that harkens back to a Celtic era whereby spiritual direction and support was offered by an “Anam Cara” which is Irish for “soul friend.” We aim to remember this ancient form of spiritual care by offering soul care in today’s context through the Celtic tradition. We believe that befriending the soul and welcoming soul friends to participate with us is what the world needs now. We are interfaith by nature and support our clients to discover divinity and the soul through the terms and traditions that feel most suitable for them while exploring the value of a syncretic perspective. We actively learn from Indigenous traditions throughout the world through ceremonies, seminars and friendship with Indigenous groups. We appreciate and incorporate a range of perspectives in soul care from Indigenous, spiritual and religious points of view as they support the processes of our clients.

We learn from cultural wisdom and best practices.

We believe that the best work can be done when we pursue our genuine sense of calling. We work hard and encourage ourselves to stay connected to our own soul-level health while attending to the needs of others. We understand that living from the soul and supporting others means our own spiritual practice and care is essential. We operate professionally and with integrity, learning from traditional cultures, ancient wisdom and evidence-based practices. We strive to continuously learn and transform as we deepen our craft and challenge our own personal growth. We hope to bring the highest quality of care to our clients.

We work remotely and in nature!

Our offices are in the comfort of our homes or in the beautiful landscape of nature. We meet with our clients virtually or in-person in public natural areas when weather permits. Our team goes the extra mile to create a sense of spiritual connection and presence when meeting virtually. We create time and space to drop into a deeper landscape and touch into matters of the soul whether we’re online or in the context of nature.

Minimum Requirements:
• You’re passionate about the art of spiritual psychotherapy and matters of the soul;
• You have a curious heart and a humble mind, and are dedicated to deepening your work professionally and personally;
• You are thrilled to be working on an interdisciplinary team with wise ones and sharing in the Beautiful Spirit community;
• You are happy to participate in team meetings, peer support and consultation groups, in-service educational workshops and training opportunities;
• You have a creative, embodied, and mystical leaning;
• You are accountable to creating a space and community that is welcoming, compassionate, non-judgmental and inclusive;
• You are invested in being apart of a team and growing with and promoting Beautiful Spirit
• You’ve received graduate training and supervision;
• You are registered and in good standing with a provincial regulatory body;
• You have a strong foundation in ethics, codes of conduct and standards of practice;
• You have at least two years of experience in providing long term spiritual psychotherapy;
• You are highly interested in working alongside highly experienced spiritual practitioners and facilitators with expertise in matters of the soul;
• You are thorough in maintaining case notes and other documents;
• You are ready and able to work a minimum of 24 hours per week;
• You are able to work some evenings, or weekends to accommodate our clients’ needs.

You’ll be a great fit for our team if you have a desire to make a personal impact and would rather work with a team to strengthen your gifts than go it alone. If you’re looking for peers and spiritual mentors in matters of the soul and are ready to support the mission of soul care, we’d love to hear from you.

Please send us a cover letter and resume that outlines your experiences, skills, values and how you came to be called to this type of work.

Check out our website for more information about us at: https://www.beautifulspirit.ca

• Flexible clinic hours (7:00am-9:00pm, and weekends);
• A collaborative work culture (where your voice and perspectives are valued);
• Peer support and consultations from a team with varying levels of experiences and training;
• Complimentary case consultations;
• A strong referral base;

We value equity. As we continue building our team, our aim is to have members that represent the diversity of our community. Folks from various life experiences (e.g., ability, age, appearance, gender, language, national origins, personality, race, SES, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, status, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

We believe in reflecting the diversity of our spiritual community on our team.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $80.00-$100.00 per hour

Expected hours: 20 – 24 per week

• Casual dress
• Company events
• Flexible schedule
• Work from home

• Master's Degree (preferred)

Work Location: Hybrid remote in Kitchener, ON N2H 0B7
Kitchener ON


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