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The Manager of Operations is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the hotel’s daily operations, with a focus on delivering a superior guest experience while maintaining cost-effective and efficient processes. This role requires strong leader.
• Recruit, train, and manage a diverse team of operational staff.
• Foster a positive and collaborative work environment.
• Set performance standards and conduct regular evaluations. 2. Guest Satisfaction:
• Ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction by addressing guest concerns and resolving issues promptly.
• Monitor guest reviews and feedback, implementing improvements as needed. 3. Operations Management:
• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the hotel, including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and food service (if applicable).
• Develop and implement efficient operational procedures to optimize guest services.
• Monitor and manage room inventory and rates to maximize revenue. 4. Financial Management:
• Develop and manage the... hotel’s operational budget.
• Control expenses and cost-effectively manage resources.
• Implement cost-saving initiatives without compromising quality. 5. Quality Assurance:
• Maintain high cleanliness and maintenance standards throughout the hotel.
• Ensure compliance with all safety and health regulations.
• Conduct regular quality checks to ensure consistency in service. 6. Vendor and Supplier Relations:
• Manage relationships with vendors and suppliers to negotiate favourable contracts and ensure timely deliveries.
• Monitor supplier performance and quality of goods and services. 7. Guest Services and Amenities:
• Identify opportunities to enhance guest services and amenities to meet and exceed guest expectations.
• Coordinate with relevant departments to execute improvements. 8. Reporting and Analysis:
• Generate regular reports on key performance indicators and operational metrics.
• Analyse data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement
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