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**Position Overview**:The Linguist (Balouchi/Urdu) will play a crucial role in supporting the mission of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Transnational Crimes Unit (TCU) in the Middle East Field Office (MEFO). The linguist will provide essential linguistic support to facilitate maritime interdictions of vessels trafficking illicit cargo in the NCIS MEFO, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) Areas of Responsibility (AORs). This role requires fluency in Balouchi and Urdu, along with the ability to flexibly deploy on short notice.
• *Key Responsibilities**:
• *Translation and Transcription**:Perform Title III translation and transcription services, translating verbal and written communications between target languages (Balouchi/Urdu) and English.
Ensure accuracy and fidelity in translating documents, conversations, and other materials related to TCU missions.
• *Interpreter and Monitor/Linguist/Transcriber**:Serve as an interpreter during... face-to-face interactions, enabling effective communication between TCU personnel and the masters and crews of interdicted dhows.
Monitor, transcribe, and interpret conversations, providing real-time linguistic support during operations.
• *Category Two Linguist**:Hold and maintain a valid SECRET level clearance.
Possess Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) proficiency of ILR 3 in both Balouchi and Urdu.
Demonstrate experience in translating written materials and interpreting speech.
• *Mission Support**:Travel with TCU agents to various locations within the AOR to assist with interdictions of dhows by foreign partners.
Be available for short-fused missions and taskers, responding promptly to support TCU operations.
• *Availability and Physical Requirements**:Maintain on-call availability and be physically capable of sitting, standing, climbing, and engaging in physical exertion for extended periods.
Ensure the ability to travel in and out of the Kingdom of Bahrain and other AOR countries without delay or hindrance.
• *Qualifications**:

- Fluency in Balouchi and Urdu languages.
- Category Two Linguist certification.
- Valid SECRET level clearance.
- ILR proficiency of ILR 3.
- Experience in translation and interpretation in a law enforcement or maritime security context.
- Ability to travel on short notice and work in dynamic, unpredictable environments.
• *Additional Details**:

- **Location**: Various locations within the NCIS MEFO, CENTCOM, and AFRICOM AORs.
- **Work Schedule**: Flexible, based on mission requirements.
- **Holidays**: Required to work during recognized holidays


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