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Job Overview:

The Marine Personnel Coordinator (MPC) is responsible for preparing the complete pre-embarkation documentation requirements of the crew with vessel assignment. This position is also in charge of the coordination with the Marine Personnel Officer (MPO) and Marine Personnel Administrator (MPA) on the list of crew with vessel assignment for proper scheduling and checking of the document status for pre-embarkation activities.

The Marine Personnel Coordinator reports to the Crewing Manager.


Start pre-embarkation activity to ensure timeliness in the processing of documents following the set vessel assignment provided by MPA.

Inform the crew of the schedule and pre-embarkation activity in compliance with the pre-embarkation stage.

Refer to the Crew Availability form for document requirements of crew vessel assignments.

The following are the pre-embarkation stages that shall be monitored and handled by MPC:

1.- Medical Endorsement
• Provide accredited... medical clinics with medical referrals of the crew following the prescribed medical packages.
• Coordinate and follow up with crew/clinic status of medical.
• Update MPO of crew medical status.

2.- Training Endorsement
• Check the training matrix of crew per position.
• Responsible for completion of required documents, certificates and training of crew lined up for his/her assigned vessels.
• Coordinate with the Cadet and training Administrator on the company-required, Local and Flag State Training Requirements
• Inform crew on the mandatory training required prior to embarkation.
• Monitor and follow up status of training required by the crew to complete prior embarkation.
• Update MPO of crew training status.

3.- Visa Processing
• Checking and reservation of visa appointments.
• Ensure proper filling of forms required for Schengen Visa.
• Prepare all the documents needed for visa application including flight details and request of LOI to port agent.
• Conduct briefing of crew prior to scheduled visa appointment for personal appearance.
• Request of cash advance for payment of visa applications and track summary of payment receipts to avoid double payments.
• Prepare and submit liquidation of cash advances for approval of the Crewing Manager.
• Upload copy and update information on released visas in the Crewing Personnel System.
• Coordinates with Liaison Officer renewal of US/Schengen Visa.
• Process transit visa (other than US/Schengen) of crew required for joining.

4.- Flag License Processing
• Check the appropriate flag license of the crew per position.
• File the Flag license application endorsement/ issuance or renewal directly to the IOM and DRC registry site.
• Coordinate with 3rd Party provider for Liberian Flag State application Endorsement issuance or renewal.
• Monitor status and release of Provisional (CRA) and Full term.
• Ensure the MPO is updated with the Crew flag license status.

5.- MISMO Expedite Request
• Assist crew on documentary requirements for MISMO expedite and/or COP / COC processing.
• Coordinate with LO the MISMO expedite request of the crew.
• Update MPO for the status of COP/COC release.

6.- Document Authentication

Check the authenticity of seafarer national documents and certificates from secured sources and issuing websites.

7.- System Updating

Responsible for updating training certificates and uploading new certificates, medical, and travel flag documents (including transit visas other than US/Schengen) in the Crewing System.

Turnover of complete documents to MPO for crew embarkation protocol and dispatching of crew documents.

Such other functions and duties as may be objectively assigned to his/her capacity.

• Graduate from a 4-year course with at least 1 year of experience in a similar role.
• Experience in crewing documentation such as STCW, flag state and principal training and certificate requirements.
• Visa applications such as joining visa, Schengen and US visa.
• DMW contract processing.
• Experience in coordinating crew planning to MPO and MPA.
• Proficient in managing a comprehensive database of crew documents ensuring accuracy, completeness, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
• Exceptional attention to detail to verify and authenticate various crew documents.
• Effective communication skills to liaise with crew members, authorities, and relevant stakeholders.
• Ability to handle documentation discrepancies or urgent issues promptly and efficiently.
• Strong organizational skills to maintain an orderly system for storing and retrieving crew documents.
• Approachable and customer-focused demeanour to assist crew members with documentation-related queries or concerns.
• Collaborative mindset to work closely with MPO, crew members, and relevant departments.
• Efficient time management to meet deadlines for documentation submissions and ensure timely processing.

About Us:

Navigator Gas is a New York Stock Exchange-listed shipping company owning and operating the world’s largest fleet of handysize liquefied gas carriers. With our 56 ocean-going vessels, we provide international seaborne transportation and regional distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrochemical gases and ammonia for energy companies, industrial users and commodity traders.

With safety, reliability and efficiency at the forefront of our minds, Navigator Gas is connecting the world today whilst creating a sustainable tomorrow.

Navigator Holdings Ltd. is the owner and operator of the world’s largest fleet of handysize liquefied gas carriers and a global leader in the seaborne transportation services of petrochemical gases, such as ethylene and ethane, liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) and ammonia and owns a 50% share, through a joint venture, in an ethylene export marine terminal at Morgan’s Point, Texas on the Houston Ship Channel, USA. Navigator’s fleet now consists of 56 semi- or fully-refrigerated liquefied gas carriers, 21 of which are ethylene and ethane capable. The Company plays a vital role in the liquefied gas supply chain for energy companies, industrial consumers and commodity traders, with its sophisticated vessels providing an efficient and reliable ‘floating pipeline’ between the parties, connecting the world today, creating a sustainable tomorrow.

History and Financial Growth:

Navigator Holdings Ltd. was formed in 1997 for the purpose of building and operating a fleet of five liquefied gas carriers. The Company has grown dramatically over the past ten years and now owns a fleet of 56 vessels and is the dominant global leading in its chosen shipping segment.

The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NVGS.” The Company currently has a market capitalization of approx. $1.1 billion.

Navigator Gas is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Prospective employees will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, colour, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship or any other legally protected status
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