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Get started on a transformative journey with the Cinesite Internship, a gateway to practical experience in the dynamic world of visual effects and animation. Elevate your skills alongside industry professionals, gaining invaluable insights into the world of cinematic magic. Explore the latest projects, foster creativity, and carve your niche in this immersive learning environment. Unleash your potential with Cinesite, where every day is a canvas for innovation and growth in the exciting landscape of visual storytelling

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High School/Degree



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United Kingdom

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May 13th, 2024

Cinesite Internship for High School Students

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Dive into actual projects, contributing to the creation of stunning visual effects and animations.
• Collaborate with industry experts, honing your skills in... a dynamic and supportive internship environment.
• Take part in the entire production process, from concept to the final cinematic masterpiece.
• Gain practical experience with the latest technology, staying at the forefront of industry advancements.
• Participate in brainstorming sessions, bringing your creative ideas to the table for innovative project development.
• Work closely with multidisciplinary teams, learning the intricacies of teamwork in a professional studio setting.
• Receive mentorship from seasoned professionals, ensuring a steep learning curve and skill refinement.

Qualifications and Education:
• Demonstrate proficiency in commercial software, showcasing your technical prowess in visual effects and animation tools.
• Possess a strong foundation in 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering for an impactful contribution.
• Showcase a portfolio reflecting your creative flair and previous work in the field of visual storytelling.
• Pursue or hold a degree in animation, VFX, or a related field, highlighting your academic commitment.
• Exhibit a keen eye for detail, ensuring precision in every aspect of the creative production process.
• Communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly, essential skills for a dynamic studio environment.
• Showcase a passion for pushing creative boundaries, aligning with Cinesite’s commitment to innovation in visual arts.

• Unlock mentorship from industry leaders, guiding your growth in the dynamic world of visual effects.
• Immerse yourself in a collaborative culture, fostering relationships with professionals and fellow interns for lifelong connections.
• Access the latest technology, gaining practical experience that propels your skills to new heights.
• Elevate your portfolio with actual projects, showcasing your work on an international stage.
• Enjoy networking opportunities, connecting with other creatives and potential future collaborators.
• Receive constructive feedback, a catalyst for refining your craft and accelerating your career trajectory.
• Cultivate a passion for innovation, as you contribute to groundbreaking projects in the visual arts industry.


While prior experience is not mandatory, a strong foundation in animation, VFX, or related fields is preferred. Showcase your passion and creativity through a compelling portfolio, demonstrating your commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

How to Apply for Cinesite Internship?

To apply for the Cinesite internship, navigate to the official website’s careers section. Select the internship position and complete the online application form. Ensure you attach your updated resume and a captivating portfolio showcasing your best work. Highlight your relevant skills, academic achievements, and any previous experience. The recruitment team will carefully review your application, and if shortlisted, you may be invited for an interview to further discuss your potential contribution to the creative community

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Job Summary:

The Cinesite internships offers an immersive dive into the world of visual effects and animation. As an intern, you’ll actively contribute to real projects, collaborate with industry professionals, and refine your skills with the latest technology. From 3D modeling to the final cinematic product, you’ll be an integral part of the creative process. This opportunity is designed to cultivate your talents, foster innovation, and provide a dynamic learning environment within the vibrant realm of visual storytelling.

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