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Acadium started with the belief that anyone, anywhere, should be able to get the skills and experience they need to start their career without barriers like price, schedule, or location getting in their way. Acadium gives anyone the tools, support, and mentorship they need to launch their dream career. Acadium is the only platform that provides real work experience, accessible to everyone. Acadium began in 2017 with a team of 3 co-founders: Richard Shaw, Marco Tundo, and Moe Abbas. Since then, they’ve attracted more than 120,000 student members and over 50,000 businesses to connect through the apprenticeship marketplace. Our team is growing and looking for people who are motivated, intelligent, and committed to making education accessible to join our team.

What we value:

Integrity – Be trustworthy in your actions

Care – Treat your teammates and our community as you would want to be treated

Curiosity – Ask questions. Always state your assumptions

Tenacity – Persevere when times... are tough

Discipline – Be consistent in your actions

Ambition – Aspire to become better every day

Service -Serve your community to the best of your abilities.

Job Description:
• Collaborating with the client and production team members to understand needs, review scripts, design storyboards, and create and edit animations.
• Using software and other techniques to produce animations.
• Listening to feedback and altering animations to suit client needs better.
• Ensuring that the final product aligns with the client’s needs and is delivered on time without exceeding the budget.
• Read scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements
• Using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story or provide information in visual form.
• Develop storyboards for the initial stages of production
• Ensure synchronization of frames and audio
• Researching industry trends and developments and learning new applications
• Take ownership of and execute projects, outlining the initial creative vision, creating storyboards, and executing design concepts

Requirements and skills:
• Bachelor’s degree or certificate in computer animation, fine arts, graphic design, or related field.
• Proven experience as an animator
• Knowledge of 2D/3D, stop motion and computer-generated animation
• Experience in project management
• A creative storyteller with presentation abilities
• Comfortable working with deadlines and budget restrictions


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