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Role: Architect - Gen AI

Geographical Coverage: APAC

Location: Singapore

Summary of Role

This role will be responsible for leading the practice’s ambitious growth initiative with our most strategic cloud partner –Azure, AWS, GCP. This opportunity is scoped for high performing, high potential subject matter experts who are self-directed, entrepreneurial, highly collaborative, organized, diligent, and thoughtful.

Role Responsibilities
• Lead solution architecture for new business development and drive end-to-end implementation and deployment.
• Manage the solution architecture and proposal defense for reactive and proactive proposals responses for solutions on Generative AI (specially LLMs), Conversational AI & cloud AIaaS.
• Provide leadership for the transformation of customer requirements into visions, strategies, and roadmaps to implement Design Artificial Intelligence solutions, Data Science services platform at enterprise scale.
• Independently lead client design workshops... and provide tradeoffs and recommendations.
• Strong expertise in the Data & AI architecture for one of the Hyperscaler partners –Azure, AWS, GCP
• Develop and implement applications leveraging advanced Generative AI models such as OpenAI GPT, Anthropic Clude, Google Plam2, Meta Llama2, focusing on enhancing developer and business productivity.
• Architect solutions incorporating advanced techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation, In-context Memory, Transformer Architectures, and Hierarchical Models, ensuring optimal model performance and scalability.
• Utilize frameworks such as LangChain and Llama Index for efficient indexing, retrieval, and chaining of language models, enhancing the contextual understanding and response generation of applications.
• Integrate multiple components such as data processing, machine learning models, and feedback mechanisms to address architectural challenges and ensure seamless deployment.
• Stay abreast of emerging trends, complex patterns, dependencies in data, and advancements in AI architecture, contributing to the refinement and innovation of application development processes.
• Explore and implement inference techniques in generative AI for making predictions or generating new data based on observed input.
• Contribute to the Cognizant cloud community by developing assets, thought leadership, etc.

Experience & Skills
• Hands-on programming skill on at least one language node.js.
• Expert on Cloud competencies on “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” PaaS components:
• Contextual Conversation design– for personalized and humanized interaction with end user for complex business cases
• Microsoft BOT service
• Google DialogFlow EX
• Amazon Lex
• Natural Language Processing model - design, training and publishing for multiple languages
• Project experience and/or skills Certification with generative AI
• Azure Open AI (GPT 3.5/4)
• Google PaLM 2
• AWS Bedrocks
• Emotion and Sentiment Analytics
• Custom Speech model - Speech-to-text and Voice synthesis calibrated for language, accent, pitch, tone, noise and business vocabs.
• Omni-Channel Integration for AI through Direct line
• Deployment and publish for AI and ML services with ACR, ACI, Docker, Azure Kubernetes
• Azure/ AWS/ GCP certifications in Machine Learning & AI
• Microsoft DP 100, AI 102
• AWS Machine Learning Specialty
• Google Certified Cloud Machine Learning Engineer
• Deeplearning.ai certifications on LLMs, prompt engineering
• Holistic knowledge of Solution Architecture, including “Data Analytics,” “Data Security,” “Dev Ops” & “ML Ops”:
• Web app and services – Micro services, Azure functions, Logic apps, API management
• DevOps CI/CD pipeline on Cloud – “GitHub for Enterprise”
• Ability to compare technologies in any layer objectively with evaluation criteria and considerations
• Excellent communication skills, preparing PowerPoint presentations, executive readouts


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