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An Invitation to the Extraordinary

Welcome to an enclave nestled in the vibrant heart of Atlanta, where our esteemed client is not just a company but a beacon of innovation. Their domain is where advanced 3D imaging and precise drone technology merge to redefine the landscapes of commercial real estate, industrial prowess, and manufacturing sophistication. Here, technology is not merely... utilized—it is transcended.

Why Align with our Client?

Imagine an arena where creativity and strategy converge, where traditional work-life balance is reimagined to empower the contemporary visionary. We champion a fluid symphony of remote and on-site engagement, celebrating independence over oversight. We don’t employ; we elevate, cultivating excellence in a realm where the extraordinary is the norm.

The Role

As a Technical Account Executive, you are more than a facilitator of transactions; you are an architect of opportunities, a curator of potential, and a navigator of futures. This role is crafted for those who do not merely seek to meet targets but to redefine them.

• Visionary Prospecting: Engage not just with markets but with possibilities, transforming initial contacts into lasting alliances.
• Masterful Command of Product: Illuminate our offerings not just through explanations but through compelling narratives that captivate and convince.
• Orchestration of the Sales Journey: Guide the client journey from initiation to closure with the precision and flair of a seasoned conductor.
• Innovative Lead Cultivation: Employ strategies that do not just uncover but also forge new paths in untapped territories.
• Expansive Networking: Extend your influence through strategic connections, turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth.
• Sophisticated Account Management: Elevate client relationships with the meticulous care and strategic foresight of a seasoned diplomat.
• Harmonious Collaboration: Sync with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless transitions and superior client experiences.

Who You Are
• Strategist of Organization: Your management of pipelines reflects not just efficiency but a profound strategic acumen.
• Sage of Communication: You wield words not just to convey but to resonate, transforming every dialogue into an impactful narrative.
• Veteran of Innovation: With a proven track record in technology sales, your experiences are not just past successes but foundations for future triumphs.
• SaaS Sales Experience: Experience in a SaaS organization that has grown from $1M to $10M+ in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue).
• Digital Virtuoso: You navigate the modern toolkit of digital engagement—from Slack to HubSpot—with unmatched proficiency.
• Charismatic Presenter: In client interactions, you do not just present; you captivate, making every session memorable.
• Driven Achiever: Your motivation is relentless, propelling you through challenges with a visionary’s foresight.
• Adaptable Innovator: You are ever poised to adapt, your skills as versatile as they are deep.

What our Client Offers
• Unparalleled Remuneration: Receive not just compensation but a tribute to your indispensable role, with boundless earning potential.
• Elite Benefits: Comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans, alongside a generous 401(k) match, affirm your premier status.
• Limitless Potential: Enjoy unlimited PTO and flexible scheduling that cater to the elite professional’s dynamic lifestyle.
• Continual Enlightenment: Access ongoing opportunities for advancement and personal growth, keeping you perpetually at the forefront.
• Cultured Collaboration: Thrive within a fellowship that is as nurturing as it is stimulating, where every team member is a catalyst for innovation.

Should you be ready to not only fill a position but to define it, to not just contribute but to transform, we welcome your application. Join us, and let us sculpt the future together, in industries waiting to be reimagined
Atlanta GA USA


Apply - Technical Account Executive (Hybrid) Atlanta