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At Microsoft, our core mission is empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Industry Solutions (IS) is a global organization of over 16,000 strategic sellers, industry experts, elite engineers, architects and consultants, who along with delivery experts are working together to bring Microsoft’s mission of empowerment and cutting-edge technology - to life for the world’s most influential customers.

We are on the front lines of innovation, working side-by-side with customers to drive value across the entirety of their digital transformation journey.

Our team prides itself on embracing a growth mindset, inspiring excellence, and encouraging everyone to share their unique viewpoints and be their authentic selves.

We are currently seeking an exceptional manager to lead and drive the growth of our ISD business in Japan, while also fostering the development of talented professionals, including architects and... consultants.


Required / Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in computer science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related field AND 10+ years' experience in technology solutions, practice development, architecture, consulting, and / or technology domain (e.g., Security)

OR master's degree in computer science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related fieldAND 8+ years' experience in technology solutions, practice development, architecture, consulting, and / or technology domain (e.g., Security)

OR equivalent experience.
• Ability to communicate in both English and Japanese at the level of business communication and above.
• 3+ years managing multiple projects or portfolios.
• 3+ years people management experience, including managing consultant practice managers, technical sales managers, and / or technical architect managers.


People Management

Managers deliver success through empowerment and accountability by modeling, coaching, and caring.

Model - Live our culture. Embody our values. Practice our leadership principles.

Coach - Define team objectives and outcomes. Enable success across boundaries. Help the team adapt and learn.

Care - Attract and retain great people. Know each individual’s capabilities and aspirations. Invest in the growth of others.

Understanding Customer / Partner Technical Environment

Provides support for their team in gathering and propagating customer / partner insights to help shape and form both the definition and ongoing execution of the project.

Holds teams accountable for mapping architecture and digital transformation solutions to customer / partner business goals.

Leverages prior work, customer / partner insights, and industry trends, and shares insights with team to apply.

Supports their team in working with customer / partner stakeholders (e.g., Enterprise Architects, Security Team, Development Team, Operations Team) and business sponsor to socialize both the business solution and the project approach.

Advises team on managing changes and facilitating feedback. Contributes to Microsoft-centric operations and cadences to align with customer feedback.

Drives internal advocacy by facilitating insight sharing with Product Engineering teams, and providing guidance through escalation, acceleration, and prioritization.

Looks across multiple customers / partners for opportunities to consolidate and prioritize items across the business. When appropriate, establishes accountabilities to drive customer outcomes and ensure internal stakeholders are in place.

Ensures that customer opportunities, questions, and / or issues are brought to the appropriate internal teams.

Architecture Design and Deployment

Holds teams accountable for leveraging existing architecture approaches to achieve Microsoft's agreed commitments to the customer / partner and developing new solutions to scale across multiple customers / partners and markets.

When appropriate, governs areas of fiscal responsibility, through delivery team, staying within budget while driving engagement profitability and risk management.

Guides team in defining and documenting the architecture through an architecture description document, an architecture decisions log, and a requirements / constraints traceability matrix.

Ensures team is equipped to communicate the value proposition of the business solution along with the project approach. Guides team in cost-based and technology-based discussions to explain the architecture in terms of its build, deployment, and ongoing operational use to determine customer appetite for the business solution.

Promotes a business-value approach that values return on investment (ROI) and customer costs-savings over technical ease of execution.

Provides coaching to allow architects to scale solutions. Support new customer opportunities in partnership with Sales with highly significant or global impacts for Microsoft, as needed.

Collaborates with the other managers to jointly drive project / technical governance of the design, build, and deployment into use of proof of concepts (POCs) and pilots.

Provides guidance to team in understanding and demonstrating business value (e.g., release of revenue, cost savings) that the business solution realizes.

Guides team in working with the business sponsor and customer / partner stakeholders (e.g., Business users, Enterprise Architects, Security Team, Operations Team) to gather and ratify requirements and constraints.

Supports team in managing and resolving complex ambiguity in the requirements and constraints and documents assumptions and implications where it cannot be resolved.

Ensures maintenance of the requirements / constraints traceability matrix to prove that solution components have a rationale / justification for inclusion in the Architecture of the business solution.

Oversees development and execution of test plans to prove that each requirement / constraint has been implemented as expected by the customer.

Leads team in collaborating to understand the business solution / problem. Drives agreement, based on the customer’s priorities, requirements / constraints, approach, principles, concepts, and expectations.

Ensures team builds and documents a realistically costed, advanced / complex solution approach. Provides thought leadership on oversight and governance sets expectations for quality practices and standards to realize the business solution.

Promotes a cohesive build methodology so the solution can be transitioned to live operations, leveraging solution expertise.

Ensures communication of and adherence to the pre-sales value proposition. Ensures that customer opportunities, questions, and / or issues are brought to the appropriate internal teams.

When appropriate, negotiates, collaborates on, reviews, and contributes to deal approval processes. Challenges deal construct to ensure Microsoft initiatives are incorporated appropriately.

Communicates current view of delivery to customer executives on regular cadence, as needed. When appropriate, oversees a broad portfolio of accounts.

Manages and ensures the all-up delivery of consulting engagements, as necessary. Innovates and implements long-term, strategic plans, in partnership with Sales to create new opportunities and sustainable growth for customer accounts across the portfolio, as needed.

Ensures delivery team alignment and holds delivery team accountable for delivering on sales strategy.

Creates a culture and clarity around technical insights and escalations, and ensures broad sets of projects move forward.

Provides support and guidance to team in identifying scenarios that could slow or impede pre-sales / delivery. Resolves escalations as needed and coaches team on best practices for handling escalations.

Ensures that issues and blockers and addressed by the appropriate groups. Identifies patterns in blockers across business areas or a territory.

When necessary, attends steering committee meetings with strategic customers to remove blockers and ensure delivery success.

Works in close collaboration with the Project Manager and Account Team to identify, categorize, and communicate business and technical risks.

Defines risk mitigation activities that are foundational to the project plan. Defines risk contingency plans for invocation should the risk occur.

When appropriate, oversees a broad portfolio of accounts. Manages and ensures the all-up delivery of consulting engagements, as necessary.

Practice Development

Generates new and / or improvements to existing intellectual property. Connects gaps and patterns across business and technology areas to drive changes.

Identifies which ideas should be culled, with consideration for scale across customers. Drives the re-use of intellectual property and recommends practices in both pre-sales and delivery.

Participates and contributes to internal / external communities.

Trusted Advisor

Most of our customers are Japanese enterprise companies. Therefore, the candidate must be able to communicate in Japanese as mandatory, which is essential for building relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

In addition, for internal stakeholders, need to communicate in English across the ISD organization spread in global.

Develops a network of internal / external relationships with senior-level decision makers to build influence in addressing problems / blockers and facilitating additional views on the matter of interest.

Acts as an advisor to external stakeholders. Provides direction to facilitate relationships between others. Stays up to date on Microsoft’s technologies, products, and services in order to communicate Microsoft's mission, strategy, and capabilities.

When appropriate, develops a strategic relationship with key stakeholders within the customer portfolio, often as part of a steering committee, to ensure service delivery is on track and major issues are being anticipated, identified, and managed.

Coaches team to use evidence-based arguments that articulate complex concepts in a simple manner to respectfully challenge Microsoft and customers / partners when a decision or course of action will not produce optimal results.

Leverages strategic expertise to encourage alternative approaches where applicable. Serves as the "technical conscience" to challenge the status quo and unrealistic expectations.

Proactively resolves conflicts and seeks resolution to balance the overall outcome. Drives consensus where possible and leads decisions to resolve conflict when needed and guides team in doing so.

Provides their team with a holistic perspective of customer / partner challenges, industry trends, and competitor architectures to allow team members to engage with customers / partners, demonstrate Microsoft's value, and develop counter strategy.

Thought Leadership

Fosters community sharing of stories and leveraging of pre-existing resources by encouraging and empowering team to share learnings and by establishing a cadence (e.

g., internal technical brainstorming calls, presenting latest challenges in staff meetings) to calibrate on challenges and trends that impact the team across the subsidiary level.

Holds teams accountable for sharing insights with v-team members to inform the direction they take with customers / partners.

Participates in external architect community events (e.g., conferences, seminars, technical meetups, Webcasts, blogs, hackathons) and shares learnings with internal team.

Acts a mentor to less experienced colleagues by educating them on technical and non-technical concepts and sharing best practices.

Demonstrates deep industry knowledge and drives recognition for Microsoft solutions through presentations and engagements with external audiences.


Embody our and

Benefits / perks listed below may vary depending on the nature of your employment with Microsoft and the country where you work.

Industry leading healthcareEducational resourcesDiscounts on products and servicesSavings and investmentsMaternity and paternity leaveGenerous time awayGiving programsOpportunities to network and connect
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