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This role is with U.S. Navy. WayUp is partnering with U.S. Navy to hire top talent.

Every year huge investments are made on construction projects that support the Navy’s high-tech fleet of ships, aircraft, equipment and personnel. At the center of these projects is a talented group of Civil Engineers who help to ensure that each initiative is conceived, planned and completed on time, in budget... and according to specification. If you’ve ever dreamed of building the most advanced military projects in history, the opportunity to become a Navy Civil Engineer awaits. The CEC Collegiate Program introduces you to Navy life at your own pace. There are no uniforms, no drilling, and no service obligation until after you graduate. Simply work toward your degree, earn as you go, and then begin the process of becoming a commissioned Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer. RESPONSIBILITIES As part of the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, you can receive unrivaled hands-on experience and advanced training in civil engineering areas including architecture, construction engineering, environmental engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, land surveying, structural engineering, transportation engineering and community planning. You’ll quickly find yourself in charge of vital Navy projects, where you might:
• Oversee construction of everything from runways to docks to buildings of all kinds
• Supervise and manage utilities and other critical services
• Manage a variety of skilled construction workers (Seabees)
• Arrange budgets and schedules
• Approve completed work More specifically, you can focus your work on any or all of the following areas: - Contract Management —Be the primary contact between Navy and civilian contractors, managing contracts worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Handle every aspect of a project from overseeing construction to resolving design problems, to ensuring that payments are correctly processed. - Public Works— Assume responsibility for any of the hundreds of Navy shore facilities—some as large as entire cities. Supervise and maintain utilities. Oversee construction and repair, manage budgets, approve public works plans and provide services to visiting ships. - Construction Battalions— Command up to 600 Enlisted Seabee construction workers in the construction of airfields, bridges, ports or buildings—all in support of both humanitarian outreach and military deployment. PAY AND BENEFITS & EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES Our people are our most valuable assets, so we care for them well. With world-class training, opportunity to pay for college and advanced degrees, access to the best health care in the country, retirement plans, tax incentives, and more perks than you could have imagined, Navy active-duty benefits are the most competitive out there.
• Earn up to $150,000 while finishing your degree
• Regular monthly income ranging from $3,500 to $5,500 prior to your graduation
• Free graduate education through Post 9/11 GI Bill
• 30 days of paid vacation time each year
• Competitive and pay and bonuses: Total compensation at 4 years of service for Lieutenant in San Diego, CA ($130,000)
• Automatic Promotions based on ability and performance
• Comprehensive medical and dental care at no cost to sailor
• Low-cost childcare services
• Opportunities to travel the world
• Excellent retirement benefits including Blended Retirement System/Pension and 5% 401K Government matching contribution
• Food allowances
• A housing allowance that is based upon the location of the school you attend Following your initial tour as a Civil Engineer, you can attend the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, CA, where you may be able to earn a master’s or doctoral degree while being paid full-time. Opportunities for further education within this platform include:
• Post-9/11 GI Bill
• Navy Tuition Assistance Program
• Navy College Program
• VOLED Assistance Center
• VOLED Region Advisors
• Navy War College (NWC)
• USAF Air University Air Command and Staff College QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS
• U.S. citizen
• 19-26 years old (age waiver may be approved on case-by-case basis)
• Have completed a Bachelor’s degree, or be in pursuit of a bachelors’ degree and within 24 months of graduation
• Prior Service Navy and other branches of service are welcome to apply General qualifications may vary depending upon whether you’re currently serving, whether you have served before or whether you’ve never served before. Makeup of a competitive candidate:
• GPA > 2.7, preferably in the field of civil, mechanical or electrical engineering or architecture
• Physical fitness
• Extra-curricular activities
• Community involvement
• Outstanding character
• Great leadership potential
• Excellent communication skills WORK ENVIRONMENT As a Civil Engineer, you may work at Navy bases or ports of call around the globe. You may be deployed to help develop or rebuild areas affected by natural disasters. Your day-to-day work may be indoors, outdoors, in a shop environment or in office surroundings
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