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VillageReach transforms health care delivery to reach everyone, so that each person has the health care needed to thrive. We develop solutions that improve equity and access to primary health care**.**This includes making sure products are available when and where they are needed and primary health care services are delivered to the most under-reached. Radical collaboration with governments, the private sector and other partners strengthen our ability to scale and sustain these solutions. Our work increases access to quality health care for more than 70 million people in Africa. VillageReach in incorporated in Washington State and has offices in Seattle (USA), Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, and Mozambique.

### Summary

VillageReach is searching for a qualified and energetic individual to fill the position of Immunization Manager based in Maputo, with a deep understanding of immunization strategies, health systems, and the ability to collaborate with... diverse stakeholders to enhance program effectiveness. This position will serve as an Immunization Specialist to provide programmatic support to the strategic planning, contributing to the development and implementation of comprehensive immunization strategies aligned with national health policies and VillageReach objectives.

A successful candidate for the position of Immunization Manager at VillageReach will possess a strong background in immunization programs, demonstrate strategic thinking in program development, exhibit leadership and collaboration skills with diverse stakeholders, have experience in capacity building and data analysis, communicate effectively for community engagement, adapt to dynamic settings, champion innovative approaches, advocate for immunization support, hold an advanced degree in Public Health or related field, and ideally, possess international experience in global health contexts. Additionally, will support engaging in the broader Ministry of Health dialogue for immunization related interventions, and governance.

### Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties, responsibilities, and activities may change or be assigned at any time.
• *Implementation of Electronic Child Registry**
• Support the implementation of an electronic child registry.
• Project Planning and Management: Develop and manage a comprehensive project plan for the implementation of an electronic child registry, ensuring alignment with national health goals.
• Collaborate with government, healthcare providers, and global partners to gather requirements, secure buy-in, and facilitate the integration of the registry with existing health systems.
• Technical Implementation: Support the technical development and deployment of the child registry, including system design, data migration, and software customization to meet local needs.
• Data Management and Security: Ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of immunization data, implementing robust data protection measures and compliance with relevant data privacy regulations.
• Training and Capacity Building: Develop and deliver training programs for healthcare workers and administrators on how to effectively use the electronic child registry.
• Monitor the implementation process, evaluate the system's performance, and provide regular reports on progress, challenges, and impact on immunization coverage rates.
• Gender Responsive and Inclusivity: Ensure that the registry's design and implementation are gender-responsive and consider the gender digital divide, addressing the specific needs and challenges of different genders in accessing immunization services, and promoting equitable health outcomes.
• Support costing analysis for the electronic child registry, including detailed assessments of initial setup costs, operational expenses, and potential long-term financial impacts. Document and report these findings to in country and global stakeholders, including peer-reviewed publications.
• *Coordination, stakeholder engagement and business development**
• Develop relationships with key stakeholders such as MoH, UNICEF, WHO, CHAI, ACASUS, Gavi, World Bank, USAID etc., in the public health mainly immunization.
• Actively identify, develop and manage new partnerships and business development opportunities.
• Provide strategic leadership in the design and implementation of immunization interventions, ensuring alignment with national and international guidelines.
• Collaborate with local and international partners to leverage research findings and implement evidence-based immunization strategies.
• Participate in relevant technical coordination and working groups, and report back takeaways to Deputy Director to inform VillageReach immunization strategy.
• Create and review written technical documentation, meeting notes, work plan status reports, and progress updates.
• Facilitate knowledge management and collaboration among global and country staff including developing, documenting, and disseminating lessons learned, best practices, and case studies.
• *Technical assistance**
• Collaborate with the Ministry of Health to provide technical assistance in the development and execution of immunization strategies, e.g. supply chain, digital health, capacity building etc.
• Ensure technical assistance of immunization strategies are gender-responsive, addressing disparities in access to healthcare and gender, addressing gender digital divide, and promoting equitable health services for all.
• Conduct training programs for healthcare professionals on the latest immunization technologies, supply chain logistics best practices, and the use of digital tools for data management.
• *Monitoring & Evaluation**
• Conduct routine supervision and monitoring of the program interventions.
• Develop and implement robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess the impact of immunization programs.
• Support the [Visibility & Analytics Network (VAN)](https://www.villagereach.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Enhanced-Visibility-Analytics-and-Improvement-for-Mozambique.pdf) team & EPI M&E team to ensure data use and data quality through constant support to provincial/district teams including regular visits to the provinces to ensure/verify accuracy of data collected/sent by provincial teams.
• Utilize research findings to conduct in-depth analyses of program data, identifying key performance indicators and areas for improvement.
• Analyze program data and support the M&E Manager in producing regular reports and feedback to update key stakeholders.

### Competencies:

The following competencies reflect what is expected of all VillageReach employees; including examples of how one might demonstrate each of these competencies in one’s role.
• **Personal Motivation and Drive:** Is self-directed in one’s approach to work, but asks for help when needed; holds oneself accountable; undertakes self-development activities; seeks to build and master new skills; looks for and takes advantage of opportunities within the organization
• **Collaboration & Effective Communication:** Establishes and maintains effective relations with coworkers, partners & stakeholders and external parties; works collaboratively with others to accomplish organizational and team goals and objectives; works actively to resolve conflicts; expresses ideas and thoughts effectively; selects and uses appropriate communication methods and maintains meaningful communication with virtual coworkers and other parties to keep them informed
• **Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:** Takes personal responsibility for and supports others across the organization in creating and sustaining a diverse work environment where individuals are welcomed, valued, respected and supported; personally committed to attaining cultural competency including self-awareness of one’s own attitudes about culture and cross-cultural interactions; exhibits the willingness and ability to engage openly and respectfully around issues of race, colonialism, identity and culture; upholds equity in access to sharing of information, ideas, and opportunities throughout VillageReach
• **Commitment to Excellence:** Produces a high output of work, both in terms of quality and quantity; looks for ways to improve and promote quality; monitors work to ensure quality; has a personal commitment to the mission of VillageReach
• **Solution Orientation & Innovation:** Focuses on results and desired outcomes and how to best achieve them; gets the job done; sees opportunities for creative problem-solving while staying within the parameters of good practice; sees old problems in new ways and has novel approaches to solving those problems; contributes original and/or resourceful ideas to their area of responsibility; is able to consider and articulate risks and consequences of proposed innovations and factor these into decision-making
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