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The Social Worker is expected to work with street-connected Children and families.

In the role of Field Social Worker, you shall:
• Identify and visit hotspots for Street Connected Children and prescribe distinctive interventions for each case identified.
• Adopt best practices and follow procedures to reunify street-connected children with their families.
• Trace families of Clients and assess them for reintegration.
• Write comprehensive Social Inquiry/Investigation Reports of cases identified.
• Manage the transition processes involved in moving children from street situations to their families for successful reintegration.
• Strengthen families to function optimally as primary agents of socialization.
• Improve access of Clients and their families to existing social services.
• Identify, establish, and maintain partnerships with key stakeholders to harness resources that strengthen clients, their families, and communities.
• Visit reunified children and their families regularly... and plan the best interventions for successful reintegration.
• Counsel Clients and their families to achieve maximum results from interventions.
• Hold workshops that strengthen and enhance the lifestyles of street-connected children and their families.
• Prepare activity reports for discussion and informed decisions.

At the Drop-in-Center
• Interact, assess, and counsel street-connected children and their families.
• Liaise with colleagues, other professionals, and families of street-connected children to find appropriate interventions for children in street situations.
• Arrange resources and appropriate care for street-connected children.
• Supervise the daily activities of children at the Drop-in Center.
• Engage children in creative and meaningful play activities.
• Prepare lesson notes and teach children placed under your care.
• Prepare street-connected children to go back to school.
• Collect and record basic data of the children and prepare activity reports for discussion and informed decisions.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree
Accra Ghana


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