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Key Responsibilities:

1. Work closely the project teams to understand business requirements and objectives for process migration. Drive the assessment and documentation of current processes, workflows, and systems, with a specific focus on understanding work dependencies and knowledge gaps.

2. Support the project manager and collaborate closely with project teams to identify key stakeholders and subject matter experts involved in the current processes, ensuring their active participation in knowledge transfer activities.

3. Deploy the PMO methodology and follow the project manager’s lead on developing comprehensive migration plans that prioritize the transfer of critical work and knowledge, including timelines, resource requirements, and risk mitigation strategies.

4. Facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of knowledge transfer activities and migrated processes, identifying and addressing any issues or bottlenecks and enable the project manager to solve and... adjust strategies as needed to address any gaps or challenges that arise.

5. Continuously seek opportunities for process optimization and automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness, implementing tactics for best practices and lessons learned throughout the migration process.

6. Adhere to PMO mechanisms for ongoing communication and collaboration between teams involved, fostering a supportive environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

7. Serve as a liaison between the project manager and the project teams, providing regular updates on the status of work transition and knowledge transfer efforts.

8. The primary focus of this PMO role will be on facilitating the transfer of work and knowledge from existing HR processes to the new environment, ensuring business continuity and effectiveness.

9. The specialist works closely with the project manager and all key stakeholders to analyze existing processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for a seamless migration process


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