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Systems/DevOps Engineer

Location:100% Remote

About Rejuve.

AI is an emerging spin-off project of SingularityNET, focused on extending the healthy human lifespan by creating a decentralized self-sustained research community powered by blockchain, AI, and the valuable contributions of data and AI models.

AI's core mission is for people who contributed to valuable research to own that data and share in the benefits of those discoveries forever, and for this system to allow cutting-edge longevity therapies and solutions to be accessible and affordable to all who desire them.
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AI see:


AI is seeking an experienced
Systems/DevOps Engineer to play a critical role in building and maintaining our innovative platform.

You'll collaborate with a team of visionaries and innovators, including world-renowned experts in AI and longevity, to ensure our systems are robust, secure, and scalable.
Your work will... directly contribute to democratizing wellness and advancing the frontier of longevity research.


To be successful in this role you will need to be able to:
• Develop and maintain infrastructure that supports decentralized operations and AI-driven analytics.
• Develop, maintain, and optimize continuous integration and continuous deployment
• Manage AWS cloud resources effectively, ensuring scalable, secure, and costefficient infrastructure.
• Implement and maintain database solutions, ensuring data integrity, performance, and scalability.
• Design and implement infrastructure for the integration of mobile apps with AI services, ensuring scalability and reliability.
• Implement automation tools for efficient deployment, monitoring, and scaling of our platform.
• Ensure system security and data protection, adhering to the highest standards of privacy and ethical use.
• Monitor system performance, anticipate potential issues, and implement proactive solutions.
• Ensure system security through best practices, regular audits, and compliance with industry standards.
• Provide systems support and troubleshooting to minimize downtime and maintain operational excellence.
• Collaborate with crossfunctional teams to troubleshoot and optimize performance.
• Collaborate with SingularityNET infrastructure engineers to ensure smooth and effective integration of shared components and services
• Stay up to date with emerging technologies and propose integrations that align with our mission.


To be successful in this role you will need to have:
• 3-5 years of proven experience as a Systems Engineer and/or DevOps Engineer, preferably in a related industry
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
• Proficiency in cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, Linux (Ubuntu) System Administrator)
• Including: Terraform, Serverless framework (Lambda Deployment, Lambda

Layers), CodeCommit/CodeStar, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, S3,Lambda, RDS (MySQL), IAM, VPC, API Gateway, R53, EC2, ECR, ECS,Cloudwatch, Cognito, Certificate Manager-Strong knowledge of scripting (Python, Bash) and network security best practices.
• Experience with CI/CD tools, containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes), and configuration management tools.
• Understanding of database management and performance tuning.
• Familiarity with developing and deploying APIs.
• Experience with SQLAlchemy + Alembic a plus
• Excellent problemsolving skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.
• Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with both technical and nontechnical teams

Preferred Requirements:
• Leadership and Initiative: Ability to selfmanage, prioritize tasks, and take the initiative to solve problems and improve processes without direct supervision
• Work experience or personal interest in health and longevity
• Knowledge of blockchain technology

• Being part of one of the greatest AI teams in the world that aims to create beneficial
Artificial General Intelligence for the good of all humanity.
• Flexible scheduleFreedom and responsibility in organizing your work hours and location
• Opportunities to advance your career in many potential directions
• Salary and benefits in line with your experience and location

The company reserves the right to change or update this job description any time.

S/.1.00 per month
Lima Peru


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