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**Job Description**

The contractor should create SEL related materials which include flash cards and activities connected the SEL integration to the lessons and SEL kernels. These templates and tools will be used by the teacher in the classroom as supporting material to facilitate SEL activities in the circle time or at any time of the day.
• *Deliverables:**

\- Creation and design of SEL Flash cards: writing SEL activities adapted to the child's age and grade level for cycle 1 and cycle 2 in English.
\- Creation and design of SEL activity sheet that are aligned with the SEL activities, that serve to reinforce the SEL skills.
\- Coordinate, follow up and provide guidance to the graphic designer to finalize the material.
\- Weekly coordination meeting with other consultants and the SEL team.
\- Ensure that these activities and resources are age-appropriate for cycle 1 and cycle 2 students and are typically used in a classroom or a small group setting.
\- Ensure that these activities... do not require materials, but in most cases if materials are needed for the activity, they are items that all teachers have in their classroom.
• *Deliverable**
• *Tasks**

SEL flash cards (SEL activities) to support the SEL integration in lessons in different languages.

(English) – 15 Cycle 1 – 15 Cycle 2

Creation of SEL activities that are organized around the 5 domains of the SEL framework and supports learning in these domains for Cycle 1 and Cycle 2.

SEL Activity sheets (15 cycle 1 – 15 Cycle 2)

Creation of SEL activity sheet related to the SEL activities created - per grade level (C1 & C2).

Follow up with the graphic designer

Follow up and provide guidance to the graphic designer to finalize the material animation.

The consultant will work closely with the SEL team to ensure that the documents prepared are in line with the team's request.

The consultant should expect many revisions to the material created, and changes may be requested at any time during the creation process.
• *Qualifications**

\- Advanced university degree in the field of Education, Social Sciences, Teaching, Psychology, or relevant fields of study.
\- Well versed in SEL language within the Lebanese context.
\- Knowledge and understanding of the social context of relevant age groups, namely primary grades 1 – 6.
\- Minimum of 5 years’ experience working with the public education sector
\- Ability to apply theoretical and research-based knowledge into context specific SEL language
\- Fluent in English
Beirut Lebanon


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