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Apr 10, 2023

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Job description

An Infant Teacher at Odyssey is an early childhood educator who exhibits the passion for working with children. He or she works closely with the Infant Curriculum Specialist and team of infant teachers, sharing Interaction and caregiving responsibilities.

Infant Teacher has …

§ Advanced Certificate in Early Years (ADEY)

§ Strong communication skills - spoken and written English, or Chinese (for Chinese Infant Teachers).

§ Strong interpersonal skills, work with all levels of staff, professionals, parents and families, and community partners from diverse nationalities and cultures.

§ With or without teaching experience; but highly motivated, energetic and passionate about promoting children’s learning and development.


Roles and responsibilities

Developing the Whole Child

Curriculum and Pedagogy

§ Work with CS and team to plan and implement an age-appropriate... curriculum guided by the teaching approaches and pedagogy of Odyssey to meet individual learning needs and optimal outcomes for all children.

§ Work with CS and team in facilitating ongoing observations of children from which to plan intentional and differentiated strategies to meet the diverse needs of children.

§ Build relationships with children by engaging in trusting, on respectful, reciprocal and responsive interactions when working with the children in the infant room.

Learning Environment

§ Work with CS and team to design and set up an optimal learning environment for children.

Health, Safety and Nutrition

§ Adhere to operational functions and SOPs pertaining to children’s care and well-being to met health, safety and nutrition and hygiene standards and expectations of the programme.

Collaborating with Families and communities

Families and Community partnership

§ Engage in collaborative partnership with families to facilitate the continuity of care between home and school

§ Build rapport and engage in personalized interactions with families through daily customer-centric communication and engagement.

§ Co-facilitate and participate in implementing collaborative efforts amongst families and community stakeholders.

Building professional capacity

Professional mastery

§ Engage in continuous professional learning and reflective practice to promote self-development and to benefit from networking and collaborations amongst the school’s learning community.

Professional values and Ethics

§ Articulate and apply ECE ethics and professionalism in the context of the Odyssey programme philosophy, culture and core values.

Building organization capacity

Teamwork and Collaboration

§ Participate and contribute to fostering effective and collaborative work teams in the infant room and school.

Visioning and Planning

§ Embrace the Odyssey’s vision, mission and core values in daily interactions and practices.

§ Support Odyssey’s mission for outreach; engage in school and community events as well as home-school partnership and parent education programmes


Apply - Infant Care Teacher - Odyssey the Global Preschool @ Fourth Avenue Singapore